Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow? I wish...

One thing that I thought I was getting away from by moving to far-off frozen cold north yankee land was that perennial wintertime peril of Appalachia, the ice storm. Surely up here it would be cold enough during the winter months for precipitation to fall as good, honest snow.

Unfortunately, it appears that the same weather system that is set to dump a cheerful, fluffy foot-and-a-half of snowman ore on Mordor and points east along the Great Lakes is going to leave Greater Indianapolis coated in an inch or so of tree-toppling, powerline-dropping ice. We are not amused.

I'm off to the grocery store to stock up on French toast fixins.


Home on the Range said...

I am making jalapeno jelly.

I will drop off a jar and some bagels (now with GLUTEN) and some cream cheese on my way into the doctors office after 1 oclock. Will hang on door if no one is home.

Ice. . crap. . I gotta chop more firewood.

ViolentIndifference said...

Home made jalapeno jelly????


The Duck said...

Hopefully this will come in and get gone pretty quick, this is getting to be a long winter

Unknown said...

I hear ya. Last week I was kicked out of work early when the ice came down, and my three little ones got to experience dad's four-wheel-spinning prowess on the 25 mile hike home, complete with dirty words.

I wasn't amused to have to drive in that with all my eggs in one tractionless basket.

og said...

1: boil water.
2: add rock salt to boiling water to near saturation point.
3: cool salt water. Load super soaker with salt water.
4:Spray supersoaker on ice. Make pretty patterns. Spray on phone poles and other stuff. Amuses ME to no end, your mileage may vary. Try to avoid spraying directly on power lines.

Tango Juliet said...

Mostly snow and wind predicted here. Very little ice fortunately.

Rabbit said...

DeeEffDubya is going to get it tonight, just in time for the 'Big Game'.

I love the smell of schadenfreude on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

Violent- Gulp as you see fit, I'd take my time and enjoy every second of it. By the sound of it lots of people in Indy will have some time on their hands soon enough! (Linemen excepted, I don't envy them their workload this week!)


Sigman said...

68 and Sunny in Knoxville yesterday, and don't call me surely.

Firehand said...

Mostly snow & wind and damn cold here in central OK; we'll see how it goes.

Two long, cold winters in a row; let's find Algore and anchor him on an island somewhere.

John Venlet said...

Tam, you just didn't make it far enough into the "frozen cold north yankee land."

Up here in Western Michigan we consider Indy as a southern climate, without the mint juleps.

mongo78 said...

good luck on your provisioning expedition. based on my midwestern upbringing, i expect the shelves at the supermarkets were bare of bread and milk about one microsecond after the forecast for snow hit the airwaves.

otoh, based on my SoCal experience, i would happily trade a little snow and ice for firestorms. A little.

Robin said...

French toast, like all of french cuisine, is leftovers fancied up.

How do you buy "fixins" for French toast?

Turing word: coughski (apropos in your household at the moment)

Anonymous said...

Propane lantern? Check
Coleman Stove? Check
Fuel for both? Check
Coffee? Check
Jerky? Check
OK, I'm ready.

Crustyrusty said...

Last ice storm here, not only did we lose power, but we lost the generators at the hospital on top of it. That was all kinds of fun....

Yesterday we were afraid it was going to hit here. Now it's just fine German summer weather, 33 degrees and pissing rain.

Gotta love it.

Old NFO said...

Be prepared (and I know y'all are) for power to go out... Plan on curling up with a blanket and a good book! And STAY SAFE!

Loose Gravel said...

Og, that is a very good recipe, and I have used it a couple of times, but the one I prefer for this weather involves boiling water, shaved chocolate, and peppermint schnapps. Getting a little tired of cutting/splitting/hauling wood, pushing snow, pulling vehicles out of the ditch, and sledding in the truck; however, I find that the above recipe adequately addresses all of these situations.

Chris Rose said...

Reminds me of January 27, 2009 we had a huge ice storm hit the Bluegrass and surrounding states. 1.5"-2" of ice. No water for 4 days, no electricity for 16 days. Plenty of gas heat and groceries, so we made it fine.
Wife said it was just like camping, only sucky and no fun! :-)

doubletrouble said...

My condolences on the forecast. Ever since the '08 ice storm here, I wince whenever I hear of someone under the (ice)gun.
Stay warm!

Stretch said...

Last Wednesday, after going 6 miles in 70 minutes, my wife opened the Bailey's and I finished off the Jameson. God bless Ireland!
Tonight's forecast calls for "winter mix."
Let's inspect the cabinets:
Mac & cheese? check
Cans o' corned beef and Spam? check
Bailey's, Glenfiddich and bourbon?
Check, check and check.
OK, the Weather Channel's blond brigade forecast away.

Bubblehead Les. said...

4x4 topped off and loaded with Bug Out Gear? Check.
Cash available? Check. Propane tanks full for the stoves and heaters? Check. 8 mm Mauser degreased? Check. Gone to grocery store, mailed off bills, topped off consumables? Check. Local, Regional, State and Federal Gov't ready? Uhh....Maybe?

Borepatch said...

Tam, good luck with the storm.

I have a question I'd like to pick your brain, and seem to recall that you might not be an email type of person. Could you shoot me an email?

Montie said...


Things are nearly paralyzed in Tulsa right now (Tuesday morning)from a massive snow dump that we are simply not used to or equipped to deal with around here. Most of my officers have called in, with only those living close and driving 4WD vehicles able to get to work. The patrol cars are ueless and only the handful of patrol SUV's can get around. I only live a couple of miles from the office and have a 4WD truck but had trouble getting here. I was piling up so much snow in front that it was causing my belt to slip and shutting down my alternator. Much of the night shift crew are sleeping over, unable to go home.

I wish I owned a pair of snowshoes. I could use them to get to my truck and from the truck into the house later. it's calf deep out there.

Still and all, it's better than the massive ice storm we got a couple years ago. I lost most of the old growth trees around my house and was without power for 18 days during that storm. I also suffered damage to my roof from branches falling on it throughout the night.

I bought a generator after the third day with no power when they said it might optimitically be two weeks before power restoration.

Firehand said...

Yeah, sleet and snow is troublesome but doesn't cause the sheer destruction of an ice storm like that; I remember standing on my porch and listening to trees breaking all over the neighborhood. One week with no power my area.

WV= hithe: "Hithe off to work, and get some eggs on the way home."

Montie said...

Hmmm, "optimitically"? Where'd that pesky "s" get off to?

Robin said...

Well, scraped off the snow and ice from the car at 7:00 AM this morning. Ambient air temp: -10 deg. F. Wind chill factor: -20 deg F. Its 10:40 AM local and still -5 deg . F.

(No conversion offered from Canadian readers who probably have froze their calculators already)