Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Calibers I keep on hand...

In no particular order...
.44 Magnum
.44 Special
.41 Magnum
.357 Magnum
.38 Special
.22 Remington Jet
.32 S&W Long
.32 H&R Magnum
.38 S&W
.32 S&W
.32 rimfire long
7.62x38 Nagant
7.62x25 Tokarev
.455 Webley Auto
.303 Brit
10.4x38R Swiss
7.5x55 Swiss
11x59R Gras
8x51R Lebel
7.5x54 French
6.5x52 Carcano
6.5x54 M-S
11x60R Mauser
7.62x51 NATO
8x50R Siamese
.300 Whisper
7.7x58 Arisaka
6.5x50 Arisaka
.30-40 Krag
.243 Winchester
.405 Winchester
Well, actually I don't really keep all of them on hand. For instance, I don't have any .32 Long rimfire, nor do I have any .41 Swiss rimfire. But I wish I did.

Hi. My name is Tamara, and I'm a rusty old gun addict...


gbkeith said...

Now lets see them in some particular order.

pdb said...

No shotshells?!

aczarnowski said...

.32 rimfire? Long? God bless America.

Art said...

Ammo-holics Anonymous?
Is there a meeting here tonight?

Noah D said...

Huh...I have an old (well, maybe 40 years, not really old old) LNA revolver in .32 S&W. Never fired the thing, it's been sitting around for decades. Haven't thought about it in a year or two.

Stephen said...

No 30-30. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I've got an extra few boxes if you want to shore up the foundations of any good long arm ammo supply. :-)

atlharp said...

What? no .223 nor 5.56? That's a sad little AR.... :-(

Tango Juliet said...

I thought you were a Hornet shooter Tam.

Drang said...

"How big a nerd do you think I am?"

Six said...

And I thought I had a lot of calibers. You've got me beat by an order of magnitude Tam.

Anonymous said...

A gun addict you is, but rusty and old you ain't.

What? Oh, the *guns* are rusty and old...well now that wasn't quite clear was it?


Anonymous said...

The wood floors at Tam's place must be 2 x 12s set on edge spanning steel I-beam floor joists. :-)


global village idiot said...

Tam, pay these bumpkins no attention. I for one admire your ability to standardize your ammunition selection to an absolute and efficient minimum of calibers.

The thought just occurred to me that the thing for you is to see if your library still hasn't yet got rid of its old card-catalogue cabinets. Take out the index-card thing (well, all except the first one for indexing purposes) and you'd have a very smart-looking method of storing all your ammo by caliber/bullet weight/style etc.


John B said...

And here I tried manfully to keep mine under 10 or so.
Let's see if I succeeded
.30 carbine
8mm mauser
7.62x45 comm bloc
7.62x25 tokarev
9X18 makarov
.44 special
.44 magnum
.45 Long Colt
.38 S&W
.38 Special
.357 Magnum
.32 short
.32 ACP
.25 acp
and that's just on top of my gun cabinet.

I'm John, and I guess I'm an ammoholic, I didn't realize I was that bad.

I'm actually afraid to open the ammo locker, because I know I have at least 5-15 calibers within that I forgot.

Did I actually buy the Nagant pistol ammo?

Lemme guess Tamara, support groups meets at Iggle Creek

Anonymous said...

22lr, 22mag, 40sw, 45acp, 12ga...
KISS is still the best way to do things...

Tam said...


"No shotshells?!"

I'm just not really shotgun people. Although, since MCF&G has clay tossers, I might take up wingshooting.


"What? no .223 nor 5.56? That's a sad little AR.... :-("

Oops! Fixed that, thanks.

TheAxe said...

I have some .32 long rimfire from my grandfather. No clue what kind of gun it would go to or how much it'd be worth.

Blackwing1 said...

DId I miss the 7.62x39? How do you feed an SKS or AKM? Or the pristine Yugo M59? Not to mention the Mini-30 incapable of more than angle-of-pie-plate?

The Duck said...

I feel like such a piker

Tam said...


Although I will wind up with another euro-SKS someday, I don't currently own anything in 7.62x39.

My actual working guns are only in a few calibers: .45, 5.56, .44 Spl, .38 Spl, and .32 Mag.

The rest are just large baseball cards that reek faintly of cosmoline. ;)

jakeblade said...

Sheesh, you're awesome.

Vaarok said...

I thought you said in a post awhile back you found a whole spam full of 8x56R?

Tam said...

It's on the list. :)

sobriant74 said...

So, Roseholme Cottage won't have a probably mounting a defense from zombies, good to know.

And somewhere a drugged out Brigid is hoping she never has to return the favor and help you move. :)

.45ACP+P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
.45ACP+P said...

Glaring errors that there is no 9x21, 40S&W, or 10MM in your list. Even if YOU have nothing that eats them you are bound to have friends in these calibers.

Chas S. Clifton said...

Down at the fire station, there is probably a red pin on the map marking Roseholme Cottage.

Anonymous said...

7.65x53 (Argentine Mauser)
7.62x51 NATO (Spanish Mauser, Savage Scout, Savage 99)
.303 British (SMLE III*)
.30/06 (Mannlicher,Garand,P-17)
.270 Ruger
.22 (Ruger bearcat)various)
.45/70 (Winchester 92)
12 gauge (Stoeger coach gun, Savage WWII Riot gun)
.45 ACP (S&W 625)

gosh, what a nice collection you have! I seem to lose interest after only 3 rifles in the same caliber.

Nowayoutbutup said...

I was going to ask where did you find cases for 10.4x38R Swiss but I answered my own question.

When my Dad passed away I discovered a box filled with one or two examples of over 200 calibers.
I need to figure a way to display his collection.

Tam said...

"gosh, what a nice collection you have!"

If you find rusty 5-foot-long tomato stakes with less resale value than a good used Ruger 10/22 appealing, then I have an awesome collection. ;)

Drang said...

I believe that was a Bladerunner reference.
'Fess up--you're afraid you're gonna be scooped by some cheesy time travel novel, and want to have obscure calibers "just in case..."

Rob Reed said...

"You don't have a gun collection, you have a logistics problem."

That's what a friend told me after I went down the list of my calibers and I don't have even half as many as you.

Tam said...

Rob Reed,

"You don't have a gun collection, you have a logistics problem."

Not really.

Only if I felt some compulsion to make sure I had enough 6.5 Arisaka to hold off the zombie menace would I have a logistics problem. ;) Truthfully, in most of those calibers, 20 to 40 rounds is darn near a lifetime supply for me.

The guns I actually train with and use? Those I keep well-stocked: .22, .45, 5.56, .38 Spl...

NotClauswitz said...

I have nearly a case of .22WRF for the model '90. It takes up a whole green .30cal ammo can.

Stikjock said...

I have a Portuguese Kroptachek...in 8x60R. And exactly one round of ammo for it, thanks to my sharp wife (who found it at a gun show, on an ammo collector's table).

The problem is that if I shoot it, then I have no ammo for that rifle...but it looks really cool and I want to shoot it!

Damned cake having and eating.....grumble.

Larry said...

6.5 Arisaka? Coooooool
(I have a T30 Arisaka. Yes, 30, no I did not mean 38.)

Matt G said...

Used to be 10mm on that list.

That's quite a list. You ever get that Whisper up and running?

And for a shooter so queer fer the .32s, I'd have figured you'd keep a working load of .32 H&R about.

Old NFO said...

Thankfully I'm not 'that' bad... :-)

Netpackrat said...

I am not worthy.

Stretch said...

I'm printing this out an posting on my safe door AND the ammo closet for the next time my Smarter Half asks "Isn't that enough?"

When we moved in I visited the local FD house and told them "Turret nozzle. Full stream. The window over the front door."
They were very thankful for the courtesy.

Jim said...

I now have a goal. (Man oh man, someday I want to go shooting w/her!)


John B said...

I was right! When Matt mentioned 10mm, I opened the ammo safe. Damn! 10mm, .40 caliber,
.357 sig
I guess if Matt G comes up to this close to the Canadian border, I can spot him a couple of boxes.

Michael Z. Williamson said...

.32, .41 rimfire, and various pinfire, in reloadable form.