Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feelin' kinda Armaggedon-y around here lately...

Torn from this morning's headlines at CNN.com:

So, the hills of New Mexico, the beaches of Alabama, and the streets of New York City are all flaming*...

...and better than a third of respondents to this online poll either think that Michele Bachmann is the best choice among GOP candidates so far, or they were so drunk that they hit the wrong button by accident.

Boy, I'm about ready to see George Lazenby as The Architect...

*Yeah, it was a dumb pun, but you'd have thought less of me if I hadn't made it, right?


Bob said...

We have some wilfires down in Robert Ruark country here in NC, too.

docjim505 said...

I'm getting a vibe that you're not a fan of Bachmann. Out of curiosity, why? I haven't formed much of an opinion of the current GOP field other than, "Jebus, this is the best they can offer???" so I'm open to comments and opinions.

I will say, though, that she scored a few points when I found out - virtually by accident - that she has an LL.M in Tax Law from William and Mary; my lawyer wife informs me that she must be a "freakin' genius" to have earned this degree. I say that I learned of this by accident as I haven't heard about it from MiniTru, which (of course) wasted no time reminding us every five minutes that Captain Bullsh*t was a "constitutional law professor", that Jean-Francois was a Vietnam War hero, that Algore wrote a great book about Teh End of the World (TM) and that Sarah Palin is a knuckle-dragging idiot who virtually pulled the trigger on Gabi Giffords.

Rule of thumb: the more a candidate p*sses of the left, the more worth a look he / she is.

Tam said...

Bachman is just another standard God Squad Republican who makes Tea Party noises.

If nothing else, her PATRIOT Act vote tells you everything you need to know about her Small and Less Intrusive Government street cred.

aczarnowski said...

I understand. You had to make the pun. ;)

As a MN resident I'll apologize up front for the mess our kids are making in the pool. Tim means well but has min/maxed his politics stat recently. Bachmann has always rung the unstable bell in my head. It's probably just the pearls, but her fawning over Bush during her first state of the union didn't help matters.

Is this what every local feels when their (?) guys start seeing national spotlight?

Tam said...


When I lived in Georgia, Cynthia McKinney and Newt Gingrich were constant embarrassments, but Sam Nunn never embarrassed me, even when he was on the wrong side of an issue.

Bubblehead Les. said...

It'll be a year before the Republitards finish their Circular Firing Squad, so I'm saving my pointless ranting against their candidates until next Summer.

What I'm more concerned about is the Disaster Front. Is it true that Angels were sighted over Rhode Island? I thought God was banned in New England.

Anonymous said...

Better one Michele than the other Michele's husband.
For decades the liberals have moved us incrementally to the left an inch at a time.
It is nice to seek purity, but I'll vote for anyone who will move us in the right direction.
Meanwhile, Networks report that every republican candidate is an idiot and 138% of the American people are desperate to re-elect Obamessiah.
Don't believe the media spin; it is time to put the adults in charge(or at least those as close to adults as we can find).

Desertrat said...

Aw, don't sweat the headlines, Tam. What's more important is what Duh Peepul thing is important. "Most Shared" from Google News is illustrative:

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Tam said...

Anon 10:16,

"Better one Michele than the other Michele's husband."


She's nothing but George W. Bush in pearls and a skirt.

I am heartily fed up with Big Government-lovin' Bible Thumpers getting sold to me as "Small Government Conservatives". I fell for it in '00 and I won't get fooled again.

Until the GOP loses its fascination with wombs and buttsex and starts rolling back the constant infringements of the 4th Amendment and makes at least a token effort of pruning the massive Tax & Regulation bureaucracy, they can forget my vote.

Eight years of Dubya got me a whole new federal regulatory agency, the PATRIOT Act, CFLs, and massive expansion of federal intrusion into all manner of private sector industries, and that's "conservative"?

Ancient Woodsman said...

I think we are closer to Armageddon than simply the natural disasters would indicate - the politics from both sides are now only a keystroke away from "Please help me, trusty voter; I'm trapped in Washington D.C. with billions of dollars. Send me your account information & a small deposit and I'll reward you thusly."

For that matter, the process is identical and only the words have been changed to protect the stupid...poorly.

Drang said...

Was that a CNN poll? They probably wouldn't want Bachman as the GOP candidate because they think she can whup His Imperial Majesty.

Baddog said...

Anymore, it seems that the politics don't matter. The GOP is going to offer up some old establishment warhorse who waited his/her turn. I'm voting for the person that causes Lefties to gag and roll on the floor frothing at the mouth. I wanna see me some floppin' and twitchin'.

Randy said...

"The GOP is going to offer up some old establishment warhorse who waited his/her turn"

Hence Romney's place in the pack

GuardDuck said...

At the token lefty blog I visit, the host is already firing up the 'Shelly B unfriend club', while still praising the merits of Barry O.

I don't think he realizes that they are both statist big government centrists whose memberships in the Komsomol/ Tea party respectively are simply ticket punching steps to the big Politburo on the Potomac.

Lynx217 said...

On the wildfire side, I've got blog friends that live in Los Alamos that had to evacuate with her TWO sick cats! So it's a scary time for all of them for sure!
As for the whole politics thing, I'm not really sure what the Republicans are thinking - IF they are thinking! But that's the problem with only having two parties dominating the political scene. We need to find a way to make it easier for "non-affiliated" candidates to get heard. I'm not talking Ron Paul *gag* not at all. We have to find a balance in spending and taxation. The rich can AFFORD to pay more. I'm starting to lean towards something closely resembling a flat tax, where everyone but the very bottom pays the same rate (I leave that exception for those who are struggling as it is). Most of the write-offs and credits need to go. So do the thousands-of-dollars toilet seats and hammers. Go to Home Depot for goodness sake!
Just sayin'...

docjim505 said...

Tam - If nothing else, [Bachmann's] PATRIOT Act vote tells you everything you need to know about her Small and Less Intrusive Government street cred.

Good point. Thank you.

Baddog - [I]t seems that the politics don't matter. The GOP is going to offer up some old establishment warhorse who waited his/her turn. I'm voting for the person that causes Lefties to gag and roll on the floor frothing at the mouth. I wanna see me some floppin' and twitchin'.

Sadly, I think you're right about the GOP. I think that it speaks volumes that Romney (aka Obama Lite) is the presumed leader of the pack, though that could just be MiniTru trying to set up McCain v2.0, i.e. picking the Republican least likely to win and most congenial to them if he does.

As for your idea about whom to vote for, that's rather a fun campaign slogan: "Every time somebody votes for [insert candidate here], a liberal's head explodes. Vote [insert candidate here] in 2012!"

Anonymous said...

a Bachmann nomination would be a Democrat's dream come true!

Joe in PNG said...

Ever get that strange feeling, like the world is in kind of the same place it was in May, 1914... waiting for some insignificant little thing to fire up the massive bloodletting?

Or is it just me?

Anonymous said...


It is not just you, although I prefer to think we are in the middle of 1938.


Brad K. said...


I can see your position about Bachmann.

My first impression is that Bachmann is what Palin might have been -- a symbol of change, a departure from the "send the next old guy in line to play" GOP play card. That is, if Palin had seemed competent, as well as "conservative".

Patriot act -- that I can almost forgive. At the time there was a big Republican party unity thing, and a patriot thing, going. Anyway, that doesn't throw me off as much as the rest of the GOP lineup.

I do disagree, though, that leaving the communist, marxist, socialist dupe in the White House is worse than another (boring) Bush. Or than Bachmann. I mean, we haven't heard Hillary claim she won't challenge B. Hussein Obama for 2012.