Friday, June 10, 2011

"What kind of pervert architect...?"

...said my roommate, when I told her about the new courthouse in Ohio with a glass staircase.

This thing is going to be the star of many a YouTube video, I'll bet.

When told that courthouse security was just hoping everybody would "be mature" about it, Franklin County Judge Julie Lynch replied with the Quote of the Day:
"If we had mature people that didn't violate the law, we wouldn't have this building."
That's funny right there.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Ah, Franklin County, Ohio, home of the State Capitol, Columbus. The single largest collection of Stupid Ohio Politicians that Money can Buy! This story doesn't surprise me one iota. Betcha it'll cost a half a million to fix it ($100,000 for the Job, $400,000 in cost overruns from the Union Thugs taking 273 days for a 2 week job).

Nathan said...

No wonder they're pestering my wife for a tax liability they claim she owes and she knows she paid.

In 1987.

Ohio, the Asshole State.

Tirno said...

The didn't mention whether this staircase is inside or outside the TSA-level grope-or-porn security checkpoint that leads into the court facilities.

Somehow, that distinction will make all the difference.

WV: derousal. No kidding, I can't make that kinda comedy up.

Boyd said...

While I don't recall ever seeing a staircase with glass risers before, I've seen tons of staircases in public locations with *no* risers. Why haven't they caused the same ruckus?

Not trying to be argumentative or anything, but this situation makes me wonder why the question hasn't arisen before.

Sken said...

How are these stairs different from all of the riserless stairs in thousands of buildings? The treads are still opaque, and there is no way to get a voyeur's angle to view any dainty unmentionables.
By the time you are under someone and look up, the treads block the view.
I know this because there was this mall with open stairs back in the late 70's, and uh... one of my friends, yeah, one of my friends tried to get peeks.
Judge in the video got in a little male-bashing, so it's all good. We probably did something else and got away with it, soo..

aczarnowski said...

I'm not giving CNN any more credit here than on the shoulder thing that goes up. These types of stairs are all over the place. Maybe this particular stair provides viewing angles. Probably not. Almost certainly nobody has tested it to find out.

Robert said...

Oh, I thought the entire thing was glass like one of those glass observation decks. If the treads are opaque, what's the BFD?

staghounds said...

Sken is dead on, unless the treads are so narrow and offset that there is a gap. Which I doubt too.

If it's a problem, paint the glass.

The glass underneath is stupid anyway, it just serves to collect trash and spills.

Matt G said...

For about a buck a riser, they could solve the solution with cans of fake snow.

Just head off to the Kwik Pak store!

Crucis said...

OTOH, have you noticed how few skirts and dresses are worn nowadays? Even at our local courthouse, the female lawyers wear pants (unless they're seeing an &&*)_ judge.)

Stretch said...

Now I REALLY have to diet to fit back into my kilt.

Anonymous said...

When do I go to court?

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

What this tells me is that none of the complainers have been in Ohio State's renovated Thompson Library, which has a couple of stairs with frosted glass platforms.

And thank goodness.

Veri: forypshe. yes, I agree it needs a rob allen picture

Malachias said...

So, the real complaint here seems to be that there is too much transparency in Government.

...that's a first.

Anonymous said...

Malachias, I think only the women are complaining.


Ed Foster said...

One for the girls.

theirritablearchitect said...

Recently fixed a sightline problem in the project I've been working on. When I brought it to others' attention, all I got was a shrug and a, "So what?"

There it was, plain as day, regardless of the entire lack of perceived problem...and no one else cared that the pervs could look straight into either locker room from one vantage point.

Can't fix stupid, I guess.

Ed Foster said...

The Allied Bank in Galway City is the first place known to be associated with a "Hanging Judge Lynch". It's the old townhouse of the Lynch family, and where Judge Lynch, back around 1600, hanged his own son for murder, then went into the tower room and lived there as a hermit until he died.

I think somebody tallied up 17 hanging judges in the U.S. named Lynch since then. I guess it's obvious I don't want to be in Judge Judy's divorce court.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be two concurrent things for this to be a problem. A skirt and decent legs. What are the chances in an Ohio court house?

J.R.Shirley said...

So, is the entire thing transparent, or not?

My girlfriend had a nightmare a few nights ago that I wanted to move. To Ohio. (really)