Thursday, June 02, 2011

Stay In The Fight.

Just because you get shot in the face with a .45 doesn't mean you can quit. Just ask Officer Reston:

Personally, I just don't get the mentality that causes somebody to shoot a cop over a pair of boosted jeans...


Carteach said...

I don't get it either, but working with teenagers I am forced to at least TRY and understand.

There are some people who are convinced they are entitled to anything they want. So entitled, that they are perfectly right to do anything necessary to get it... even killing other people.

Bob said...

I think it's more a fear of being buggered in jail that causes perpetrators to flee or fight to avoid arrest. If losing your freedom by being jailed only meant quiet times in an air conditioned cell with three square meals a day, that's not much different than naval service; but when you factor in Cletus or Dontavious as your cellmate, it becomes something entirely different.

Weer'd Beard said...

"Personally, I just don't get the mentality that causes somebody to shoot a cop over a pair of boosted jeans..."

Likely the same people who will commonly shoot or stab somebody for being "disrespected".

When you get an internet troll you laugh, maybe ignore it. These type of people will want to KILL them.

They have ZERO value for human life, and that's why I'm ALWAYS carrying a gun.

Teke said...

It was the fact that the perp did not wan't to get caught and would do anything to avoid it. What had been stolen is actually irrelevent to the situation.

Lanius said...

A low intelligence sociopath...most likely.

IMO, these kind of people deserve to be shot in the head. Those of low intelligence can only be useful if they're prosocial, not antisocial.

Smarter sociopaths can eventually go into law school and become valued and succesfull members of our societies.

But you can't teach smarts, and IMO, shooting a nasty stupid person dead after their third violent fuckup would be just appropriate and very cost effective.

Or maybe, to drive the message that you don't commit violence for little things, maybe they ought to be impaled alive on strategically positioned spikes.

Heck, I'm sure their moaning and screaming would pretty much deter crime very succesfully.

Attila said...

...."Heck, I'm sure their moaning and screaming would pretty much deter crime very successfully...."

Hmmm....Rather, it might just incite me to perpetrate homicide on the psychopath who did the impaling. Some things are beyond the range of civilized behavior. Even when dealing with anti social assholes.

Anonymous said...

Some things are beyond the range of civilized behavior.)

Some people say that about factory farming. Pigs are rather smart animals who have a lot of common nature, especially with your basic couch potato. They're smarter than dogs too.

IMO, a few of our stupid fellow human animals being made to suffer in order to drive a certain principle home wouldn't increase the total suffering our society causes overly.

Then.. it probably wouldn't work.

Sociopaths are that way because they don't respond to negative stimuli, like fear or punishment well.

Same goes for psychopaths.. or maybe just for psychopaths? I'm not sure.

Well, then just a proper execution, you know, a bullet to the back of the head somewhere in private after a due process.

Civilized enough for you?

Gunmart said...

This goes against everything that I have ever read on the Interents about the holy .45


BobG said...

"This goes against everything that I have ever read on the Interents about the holy .45"

He was lucky in that he wasn't hit in an area that was immediately fatal; all gunshots depend on placement, no matter what caliber.

He also has a brass pair, which enabled him to take out the goblin. This guy probably clanks when he walks.

staghounds said...

"Don't try to understand too hard. If you really understood, you'd be in there with him."-

Harvey Schlossberg on hostage takers.

Really, is killing someone trying to sto a thief morally different from the theft? The theft says that the thief is willing to enslave the owner of the jeans for the thief's benefit, after all.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Years ago, a Wise Old Man told me a Tale. I'll pass it along.

"Imagine you're washing Dishes when you hear your kids screaming from the Back Yard. You look out the window, and there's a Rabid Dog, foaming at the mouth heading towards them. You know that it's not the Dog's fault that it has Rabies, and you can understand WHY it is acting as it does. But will your Understanding that the Dog had no choice, and is Suffering prevent you from getting the 12 Gauge from the Closet and killing the Dog before it hurts your kids? Or will you depend on Someone Else to come to your rescue, knowing that a 911 call will cause precious minutes to be lost while the Dog Chews on your Kids? Or will you FREEZE in place with Fear, knowing that you have to leave the Safety of your Kitchen and go into Harm's Way? "

Sometimes (and Thank God for most of us it's Rare!), one must fight back NOW, no matter what the danger or how badly one is hurt.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Just because you get shot in the face with a .45 doesn't mean you can quit.

Apparently not! I hope the Grim Reaper shows up with running shoes when it's this guy's time; Reston's not laying down for anyone!


WilhelmDurand said...

Butbutbut! I heard on the Internets that .45 has so much stoppin powah that it can take a man's head clean off!

The Internets couldn't possibly be wrong could they?

Lanius said...

The theft says that the thief is willing to enslave the owner of the jeans for the thief's benefit, after all.

Not really. Enslaving the owner would be if you were mafia and took over the store.

Boosting a pair of jeans is just theft. Morally despicable and pretty stupid, if you can get caught.

Most shops factor in theft losses into their margins, and if nothing gets stolen, it's actually a bonus for the shop.

Don't use abuse language as silly objectivist. You can do better.

David said...

The video says the thief used FMJ rounds. Any ballistics experts know how much difference hollow point would have made going through his jawbone like that? I guess at that short of a range, maybe not much, but I'm no expert.

If it would make a lot of difference...I'm glad the criminal was dumb and used FMJ ;)

Bob@thenest said...

I've always wondered how many idjits figure Full Metal Jacket is the cat's meow just because there was a movie of the same name. After all, if it's a bad-ass movie title, it's got to be the thing, eh?

Officer Reston is one hell of a lucky man, and I wish him well in his recovery.

Tam said...


Grownups are talking here. You should use your inside voice.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

good for the cop. They say that 90% of all pistol wounds are survivable. I'll try to remember that if I ever get shot.

Old NFO said...

If I remember correctly, this was in Jacksonville in 2008. And it's pretty damning evidence that the generation coming up has NO respect for human life. It's also a chilling warning of what we may be facing on the streets in the future, and one of the reasons I carry daily.

Also, I'm pretty sure the perp was loaded up with FMJ not hollow points. And yeah, that cop clangs when he walks!

Anonymous said...

Nah, the idiots use FMJ because it's cheap at Wal-Mart...

Pulling off a theft--especially if it includes "offing" a cop--boosts their street cred with the homeboys...

cap'n chumbucket

Anonymous said...

you don't understand because you don't live in Duval County, it's all about being entitled and it's only going to get worse here, kids mother tried to sue the JSO for police brutality, Jared started at the crotch and worked his way through skull, kid stood over him and changed magazines, he got what deserved in the end. one more thing, attitude and physical conditioning were the main reasons Jared survived, god bless him

hektor said...

I bet Hammurabi (that grumpy old bastard) used to complain about how the generation coming up was going to turn the whole world into shit. He wasn't wrong.

staghounds said...

Lanius, if I work for five minutes to buy the jeans and someone steals them from me, then the thief has enslaved me for that five minutes.

He's taken five minutes of my life against my will, five minutes I'll never get back, that no money or possession can replace.

Take five minutes, take fifty years- it's different in degree, not in kind.

FatWhiteMan said...

I serious doubt the thug really made an informed decision to load FMJ and went to WalMart to purchase it. More than likely, that was just what was in the gun he stole.

Thanks for posting this, I think I'll blatantly steal it.

Anonymous said...

So, if your employer skimps on your overtime pay because he feels you don't deserve the overtime pay, that's also enslavement?

I've heard that's pretty common practice in some parts of the world, shaving off bits from paychecks.