Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I had no idea.

Brownells is pimping them as a Father's Day gift, but seriously, what shooter in your life would turn down a Brownells gift card to celebrate any major occasion, such as a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or Tuesday?

(And no, this has not been a paid announcement, I just hadn't realized 'til now that Brownells had gift cards.)


og said...

yeah, for years.

You can get a gift card for any damned thing. Here's one for plastic surgery

I've gotten gift cards for.. nevermind.

JD said...

In lieu of a gift card from the boys down the road, I want one of these:

1911Man said...

Companies LOVE selling gift cards. They get your cash now, and significantly less than 100% odds that they'll ever have to give you anything in exchange.

We could supplement our wind power shortages by hooking a generator to Abe Lincoln spinning wildly in his grave.

Tam said...

The trick with gift cards is to give people gift cards to places where they go and spend money regularly anyway.

Giving me a Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card is a sweet thought, but I'll forget it's there and it will expire.

Give me a Brownells or Amazon gift card, and I'll have it spent before it's out of the envelope.

John B said...

yeah! I got five Blockbuster Bux that expired before I redeemed them. I redeemed them anyway, as the manager figured that my Wild Aunt Cyndi, who gave me the bux, regifted I suspect, would someday show her gratitude by going out with him. If I recall correctly, I got a rental of Jeremiah Johnson, Logans Run, and one of the Brosnan Bonds.

Brownells AND Midway should pay you a commission.

John B said...

Dad reading over my shoulder, is prepared to adopt you before next Father's Day.

wv: ingrate, He sure is, I got him a Cimmaron .45LC from Cabelas. A Father/Son matched set!

Justthisguy said...

I need to move to Montezuma, Iowa. My two favorite firms in the whole world are there, namely Brownell's and Sig Balsa. Model airplanes and guns; two great tastes that taste great together.

Tam said...


Especially if you're Mike Dillon. ;)