Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No, seriously, the check's in the mail this time... really.

If you can remember back a little while, Greece, whose nearly-half-century-old welfare state was in the process of going toes up, promised a whole bunch of austerity measures in order to guarantee fat bailouts from other countries who were nearly as broke.

Only those didn't work.

Now they're going bankrupt again, and so they're going to pass some serious austerity measures to get more loans from countries who are themselves reduced to pawning the family silver to stay afloat. And this time, these austerity measures are for real. No, honest! This time the check really is in the mail! Promise!

Meanwhile, the parasite class in Greece is clamping down on the nipple as hard as they can to keep the teat from being withdrawn. This is why it's important to wean them before they grow teeth...


Guffaw in AZ said...

Nice metaphor.
Sadly, I think they already have teeth.

Anonymous said...
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Desertrat said...

When monetary and political philosophies come from the playbooks of Keynes and Marx, the end is inevitable. Deferred by all the can-kicking, yeah, but inevitable.

Anonymous said...

I noticed this AM (the 29th) that the riot/ wild party/ hockey commemoration going on outside the Greek Parliament had nothing to do with the vote inside the Parliament. Apparently the pre-scheduled two days of chaos will continue no matter what the outcome is/was.

Anonymous said...

"Austerity Protests" look a whole lot like riots to me.
And nothing says "reasoned discourse" like a Molotov cocktail.
Add a liberal dose of class envy and race baiting and we've a good idea what the summer of 2012 will look like.
Ya, I'm a cynic and pessimist.
You can make fun of me in Nov. 2012 if none of that happens here.