Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Maybe we can do for bubonic plague what we did for malaria!

While you're piling cases of 100-watt incandescent bulbs into your shopping cart at Home Despot this weekend, don't forget to pick up as much rodent poison as you think you're ever gonna need, too.

Don't worry: Effective rat poisons will still be available to rodent control professionals, and as any Washington D.C. bureaucrat knows, if you have any signs of icky pests around your house, you just call a professional extermination service.

(And if you live in hantavirus territory, miles from the nearest exterminator, and couldn't afford one anyway? Well, sucks to be you, I guess. Buy more cats.)

I swear, they are trying to repeal the Industrial Revolution.


Bob said...

As long as the drug companies continue to make Coumadin we'll always have something to fall back on in the rodent control arena.

Ruth said...

actually if your HD is like mine they've mostly phazed the incandescents off the shelve except for certian sizes.

Joat said...

Someone needs to list everything that is about to be banned so I can make a shopping list, I've been buying my 100 watt bulbs, but I didn't know I need to stock up on mouse bait. So I'll be stopping at the not so big box store that still carries a good selection 100 watt lamps and getting some more packs of mouse pellets also.

Bram said...

If it was possible to repeal the Industrial Revolution, they would. Every Democrat and all the Rinos would vote for it. The last images on our TV's would be Obama's signing ceremony. Then we would all live like Medieval Peasants.

Odysseus said...

Ruth our Home Depot isn't currently like anyone's but to tie this back to Tam's point I'd imagine that all this debris is going to serve as a spawning ground for rodent pests, good thing the EPA is here to keep them safe.

I also can't wait for the same FEMA treatment that Alabama is getting.

Anonymous said...

Yep, someone died of hantavirus at a deer camp in PA several years ago. The little beggers moved in to our place in such force we started calling it the Mouse House.

Always left them some "food" after that invasion.

I'm waiting for EPA' next press release SAVE THE TICKS!


og said...

"I swear, they are trying to repeal the Industrial Revolution."

They've already repealed common sense and sanity. Global Warming has repealed the laws of thermodynamics. The current fiscal policy has repealed the laws of economics. (Not that the previous one did much better)All that is left is to repeal the Four Rules, and everything will be hunky-dory.

And like the Hatta, we will all always be in trouble with the Law.

Bubblehead Les. said...

What a minute, let's think about this. SteamPunk Resistance Cells? How fast do you think your Roomie will have one set up? You could issue everyone Top Break Hopkins and Allens, Sharps issued for the Snipers, Parrot guns for the Barricades, all the while the Anointed One has his Military Forces under the Command of Butt Kissers like McLellan; you know, there's a lot to be said if the Greens try to push us back into Dark Ages.

But what are the Greens going to do when they have to start using Whale Oil Lamps to see when they are printing their Manifestos at night?

Unknown said...

I'm going to go ahead and get inside their OODA Loop on this one by stocking up on CCI rat shot.

Blackwing1 said...

The rationale for the elimination was fascinating:

"...the thousands of accidental exposures of children..."

Exposure to, but no actual claim of harm from.

Anonymous said...

Yes, because as we all know, whenever you want to make a good or service available in an accessible and economical way, your best bet is to go through our massively bloated, hyperinflated, hyperregulated, over-lawyered Commisariat of the People's Health.
Carmel IN

Stretch said...

THEY want us in a feudal state with themselves as lords and ladies of the manor.
Paging Mme. Defarge. Is there a Mme. Defarge in the house?

I see a big future in terrier breeding and pellet guns. Agree w/CTone that shot shells will be taking up more space in my ammo locker.

Weer'd Beard said...

If God wanted me to use rat poison he would have told Hiram Maxim to invent it! :)

Anonymous said...

"Buy more cats"-Tam

Can they be of the Felis Leo/Tigris variety? Felis Domesticus Maincoonensis is my fall-back.

Ulises from CA

Drang said...

@Ulises from CA
We still miss our Maine Coon, but she wasn't much of a huntress. Mind you, that had little to do with her being a Maine Coon, and everything to do with her being sent to whatever shelter she originally came from at a far too early age to develop any real hunting prowess.
Kitteh is born with certain instincts, but has to be trained by Momcat to really Get It.

Maybe Texas Bobs.
Or the House Lion from the first book in John Ringo's Council Wars series.

Ruth said...

I love my two cats dearly, but I have signifigant doubts about their ability to reduce the rodent population.

Anonymous said...

Well, the fallback to the commies in charge is definitely more cats - "farm cats." Of course, that means outdoor cats, underfed (they hunt better that way) and feral. I suppose the animal rights idiots will freak at that.


Vaarok said...

Well fed barn cats are FAR better mousers than un or underfed. Proven fact.

RJC said...

I was shopping for some rat poison. One brand said it killed rats up to 8 weeks. I told the sales clerk I was looking for something more permanent.

Ferret said...

There aren't any currently banned substances in large enough quantities to justify sending in the EPA SWAT teams.

Who else is going to execute no-knock warrants on people's garages and garden sheds?

Besides, the only way the EPA can be seen as "doing something" is to ban things. They're not in the business of, I don't know, maybe advising parents to keep their kids out of the rat poison!

Roberta X said...

"Trying?" No; they;re succeeding. Maybe they can do for plague what they've done for malaria.

Anonymous said...

Damn facists. Damn leftist nannies.

aegis said...

One of my forum fellows claims that finely crushed brown glass mixed into molasses will do the trick quickly and cheaply, but I have no independent confirmation of this....

Joseph said...

Actually, bubonic plague started declining centuries ago. Maybe the bubonic plague decline was due to global warming.

In any case, these regulations look more like a Professional Exterminators Full Employment Act than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Over heard at the local farm supply store.

Jim - did you hear that EPA is going ta ban rat poison?

Tom - nope I have not.

Jim - better throw 3 of the biggest bags of rat poison you have on this weeks pick-up. I don't want to run out.

Tom - That's 300 lbs.

Jim - Is there a problem with a man having 300 lbs of rat poison?

Tom - I reckon not.

Jim - besides it's easer to kill them with the poison. Remember how we use to kill them when we were kids?

Tom - Put a big blob of peanut butter on the ground and shoot them with the .22 when they cam out of hiding?

Jim - I guess it's easer, but not as much fun now.

Tom - yep them were the days.

JC said...

I forsee a growing market share for Rent - A - Cats. I loved RAH's line in Friday: "The cats have been given positions as rodent control officers on a big station in the Outback" (from memory).

WV: BLARB. Yep, got one of them

Joanna said...

I have a cat who doesn't actually catch the critters, but rather chases them into waiting traps.

She's a smart kitty.

Stuart the Viking said...

I'm allergic to cats. I wonder if I could get some sort of disability waiver so that I can continue to buy the "good stuff" rat poison.


wv: twzygain... like we did last summer.

Anonymous said...

@ Stuart/Viking:

Someone is now raising hypo-allergenic? cats.

The cause of your allergy is an enzyme in the cats' saliva. The amount varies from cat to cat. My last cat had virtually none. Some cats have so much it's like acid on my skin.


The house was overrun with mice, and we had a cat (see above).I was catching them with sticky traps, and tossing them into an aquarium (for a roommate's snake)
One evening, I tossed one out onto the back patio while she was sitting there. That got her attention. She lost a few in the process of playing with them, but, after a dozen or so, she was fired up and tuned up for hunting anything that moved! She just LIVED to hunt after that evening.

@Bryan and Varok:

The British did a study of housecats and feral cats. Their finding was well fed pets killed about 500 birds/mammals per year, the ferals about 1500.


Anonymous said...

In nanny state Australia you have to do a 2 day course ($400) and a third yearly refresher course ($200). To use most effective herbicides for weeds on the farm and, if you want your accident insurance to cover you chainsawing requires a 3 day course, even if, like me, you're 54 and have been using a chain saw for almost twice as long as your instructor has been alive.


Cybrludite said...

"I swear, they are trying to repeal the Industrial Revolution."

You're just noticing what the (three pages of cussing redacted) Greens are up to?