Thursday, June 09, 2011

That joke won't be as funny anymore...

A standard gag line for years, when seeing somebody at a gun show or out in public dressed in an excessively 'tactical' fashion, has been "I wonder what his screen name is on ARfcom?"

For some reason, that joke just won't be as funny anymore.

I wonder what his screen name was on ARfcom?


RevGreg said...

Now that you mention it, I'm not even sure what MY screen name is at ARFCOM anymore...there are two is use and I'm not sure which one it is.

I do some shooting at times with EBRmorer, ToeTag, Helldog, and JayBell though...funny I can remember OTHER people's screen names but not my own.

Anonymous said...

Except that gun was from the 2001 run, and Jose Guerena was too young to have bought a gun at that time. The rifle was at least second hand.

Tam said...

And he never thought "Huh. I wonder what happens if I type this web address on my magazine well into the computer?"

Anonymous said...

The reality is that he was a real person who was shot dead by people we trust to get it right...

He had a family.
He had drinking buddies.
He probably had an name...

-Les (from WIILSHOOT.COM, who is too lazy to sign in...)

DirtCrashr said...

Maybe someone who loved and had an Arfcom name him bought him the rifle so he could grow-into it after the Marines.

zeros117 said...

I don't post on ARfcom, but I have friends who do and this somehow drives this whole thing a little bit closer to home, a little more real.

Drang said...

AZHTF thread: Stockton Update
GD Thread: Jose Guerena's rifle was a 2001 Limited Edition. - Page 1 - AR15.COM
Everybody asks the same question.
Don't see what difference it makes that his brother is a convicted felon--he wasn't.
Correction: He seems to have had felony arrests, but no convictions.

Which doe snot change the fact that this whole raid was a soup sandwich, as fucked up as a football bat.

Gewehr98 said...

Crass, but what the heck.

ArfCom screen name:

Bullet Magnet

Anonymous said...

First they came for the arfcom'ers, but I said nothing, because my screen name was just RegularGuy63.

Then they came for the students, but I said nothing, because my loan was already paid off.

Then they came for the wookie-suiters, and I didn't speak out, because mine was at the dry-cleaners.

Then they came for me...


DirtCrashr said...

Enough! I finally went and registered and got me an Arfcom screen-name.

Ed Foster said...

Just went on to ARfcom for the first time in a year or two, and almost choked. $275 for a billet lower? Dood, how many FORGED lowers can I sell you for a fourth of that?

Anonymous said...

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Tam said...

Anon 10:12,

Put down the bong and step away from it slowly.

Roberta X said...

I thought Manson didn't have internet access???

Kristopher said...

Oh my.

I never got Dr. Bronner grade posts when I had a blog ...

Lanius said...

Put down the bong and step away from it slowly.

Now you reminded me while I keep reading this blog.. (lol, mild rofl)