Wednesday, July 27, 2011

That explains rather a lot, actually.

City Councilman Allen Schulman of Canton Ohio goes a long way to explain the conduct of Officer 'Roid Rage by demonstrating that in Canton, the culture of arrogant douchebaggery flows right from the city council top and trickles all the way down through the police department:

Can you not hear the crazy coming out of your own mouth, Allen? You do realize that most states have had these laws far longer than Ohio, right?

I especially like the part where you said you were in favor of "reasonable" gun control laws. Judging from the overheated hyperbole that had just been pouring out of your cakehole, you wouldn't know "reasonable" if it got up in your face and hit you with a stick.


Themadlemming said...

I couldn't finish listening to it. It's too much crap too early in the morning.

f-stop said...

I say three months, tops, and he's out of office.

Josh Kruschke said...

Ouchy brain hurts....

To early in the morning to turn on my idiot translator.


Brian Dunbar said...

Too long don't listen: shut up, you uppity peasants.

Anonymous said...

That pretty much explains the state of the Canton PD.

Alan, call me Cartman, Schulman, what would the peons of Canton, Ohio do without a man of your vision?

Cartman Schuman in 2012!


perlhaqr said...

Hunh. I was going to ask if I should listen to this or if it'd just ruin my whole day, judging from other comments, I have my answer.

WV: "mackbj" -- "Hey, Schulman, Harless, why don't you go give a MackBJ. Preferably to one that's still travelling and freeway speeds."

Josh Kruschke said...

The only one to excoriate his city was he himself when he described some of the neighborhoods as full of prostitution and drugs made me want to move there.

The only commentor I've read that's said anything about the city itself was a resident and he should know.

But I now feel comfortable calling into question some of the fine citizens intelligence for electing such a fine representative.

There got that out of my system,

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sorry f-stop, but as someone who grew up in nearby Akron, and who worked in Canton at night, this idjit is your typical Ohio CITY politician. Most of our Urban areas are run by Demacommie Political Machines who's main goal is to generate "Ghettos" of Welfare Dependent Dummies who will vote for the same Corrupt Politicians over and over, just so long as they get their Free Cheese. The only reason that Ohio gained a Republitard Majority in the State House, Senate, Judiciary and Governorship is that enough people fled to the 'Burbs and the country to get enough seats away from the cities because Ohio has LOST Population, and the tipping point was reached. Why do you think the Demacommies were pulling "Wisconsin" protests in Columbus earlier this year? Hell, if there were no Pro-Football Hall of Fame, Canton would cease to exist.

North said...

"I couldn't finish listening to it. It's too much crap too early in the morning."


Hey Alan: You seem to object to people from out of town having an opinion about matters that happen there. My guess it that people 'in town' would have the same opinion and express it, if they were not afraid of a violent police beat-down.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he might be ok if there was a curfew since he seemed most alarmed that the gun was being carried at 1:30 a.m. Also in the wrong part of town.

From now on, no lawful concealed carry on Ghetto Blvd after 8:30 p.m.

And I know this is pointless, but I have to ask - will there ever be a time when people clue in that if laws against murder don't prevent murder, why do they imagine that laws against carrying guns will prevent murder with guns?

I used to be really into politics but I've pretty much given up the last few years. There's just no cure for stupid and I'm over fighting it.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Councilman Schulman says that the laws of his state and of the commanding majority of the other 49 states are unacceptable.

Well, fuck him.


Anonymous said...

Blame the victim? But for the citizen being there and exercising his rights there would be no crime committed by the officer?

So, in Canton when a crime transpires do the police arrest the victim?

When the good councilman trips over the curb does he curse the curb?

Shootin' Buddy

Anonymous said...

Gee, Alan, who will protect us from the police who could "..pump 10 rounds into your chest, leave you laying on the street, and sleep well tonight..." because they got angry with a citizen who didn't speak up after being told to be quiet.

Nowayoutbutup said...

I have upped my estimate to 97% of our public servants who remember that they are as such and furthermore are employed and paid by you , me and Tam.
Did this dink stop and think what the body count would have been in Norway if just one of the victims had been in possession of a loaded 1911 and a couple of 10 rd mags , hmmm?

Nowayoutbutup said...

That should be 'don't remember that they are as such'

Kristophr said...

Gee. guess Ohio needs to do away with the warning requirement.

And strengthen open carry provisions ... maybe set some harsh civil penalties for interfering with lawful carry, and exclude officers from sovereign immunity in such cases.

If these tards won't clean their act up, then it falls on the state government to do it for them.

Give Mr. "Mind Your Own Business, Peasant" more outside interference than he can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Alan Schulman was attorney who filled a lawsuit against Colt 25-30 years ago or longer. (He lost) A local ambulance chaser.
Canton has its share of these kind of politicians. All Democrats. He is trying to change the subject because the Foot Ball Hall of Fame activities starts tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold back Tam. Tells us how you REALLY feel!

(FWIW, I think that douchebaggery is too mild a term to describe the hoplophobes in Ohio.)

Best Regards

~Jim Rawles~

Drang said...

Buckeyes. Can't live with 'em, can't nuke their stupid state.

Nathan A said...

Tar. Feathers. Now.

Firehand said...

Hey, Schulman, if this happens here in Oklahoma City, the same thing will happen: Officer Dumbass and the city will be facing a hellish lawsuit because Officer Dumbass acted in a unprofessional and unhinged manner. And, just like in your city, it'll be because the officer IS a unprofessional, unhinged dumbass; NOT because a citizen was lawfully carrying.

Nylarthotep said...

Anyone know his email address. I'd love to send him a couple dozen emails about what a tool he is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Allen, you want "reasonable gun control laws"? I'm in favor of that, too. How about this: "It is illegal to commit assault, robbery, rape, or murder with a gun." What else do you need?

Oh, wait, those things are already illegal? What difference does a gun make, then?

**crickets** (I assume)

Really glad I don't live there.....


Cormac said...

I can't stop fucking laughing!

I'm LoLing like a madman!
This just sounds like something you'd hear on The Daily Show, or something else that attempts to satirize loonies and their nonsensical views!

Divemedic said...

I wonder if he realizes that he just admitted on the radio that the official position of the city government is that carrying a weapon in that part of town at that time of night will result in police harassment and possibly death.

Jayson said...

I, of course, prescribe a good dose of ultraviolence to cure that jackassery.

staghounds said...

If I were a Canton Police Officer, I would be embarrassed and angry that my boss told the world that I could not be expected to enforce the law without abusing my fellow citizens.

Thomas Smith said...


/alt moron off.

Ferret said...

I must have missed something here. Does Canton, Ohio exist in some alternate universe in which interactions between police and citizens are the mirror opposite of what is considered acceptable behavior? After all, not a single person in the original dashcam video is wearing a goatee as far as I can tell.

Am I just being insensitive to some sort of cultural differences that cause the residents and government employees of Canton to appear like uncivilized barbarians to the rest of American society?

Will the dubiously honorable Councilman Schulman next start calling people racist for daring to criticize the prevailing culture of the nation of Cantonia? At least, outside of the borders of that bass-ackwards burg, the rest of us are beyond the reach of their uniformed goons who might seek to "put lumps" on us.

Irretrievably trapped in the fantasy world of his own making, he also seems to ignore the possibility that some of the people who might be in a high-crime area at 1am might be carrying a weapon there because they both happen to live there and choose to exercise their right to defend themselves. Undoubtedly, this is representative of the typical reality disconnect between the rulers and the ruled.

Brad K. said...

I have driven through Canton.

If Council member Schulman isn't going to close the borders to Canton for good, then he should be aware that likely the business community would like people in the area and travelers on the Interstate to continue shopping there.

I wonder if the good officer at the time of the tirade/threat to shoot dead for being stupid would have passed a drug test?

And the good Council member seems to ignore the last decade and more of FBI statistics, showing that concealed carry and open carry tend to reduce incidence of violent crimes and shootings. Maybe he could hold his breath until the drunken shooter citizens of Canton all break out in reckless shootings. I mean, he did tell us that Canton legal carry is prone to the worst drug and prostitution offenses, and make any neighborhood go bad.

So maybe I will take Council member Schulman's word for it, and avoid the druggie shooters that make Canton the city that deserves cops like Harless.

TBeck said...

Yet another Hero of Canton. Didn't he say he wasn't going to comment?

John said...


Regarding the present discussion, it was simply too good a wv to let disappear back into in the electrons.

That recored statement from that alleged servant of the people should be cast in bronze,in toto, and placed at the gates of Canton.

Of course,the bronze would have disappeared into a scrapyard by the next morn, what with all the horrible CCW people allegedly lurking around waiting to commit crimes.

Were Councilman Flapface a real scholar of his city's lawless history, then he might spend considerably more than five minutes on it's very long Mobbed-up history and that influence on the local politics. But then he might end up sleeping in cement booties for suggesting that Canton's Red Light and Thuggery District is a new phenom. The Mob DID keep the place up, tho. Bad for business, when the out of towners who flocked to
Canton for entertainment came amiss.

I suggest a return to a Higher Level of Political Corruption,and thereby an improvement in the elected officials. That way when people need some roughing up, it won't be on police cameras, eh?

BTW,the video, Dear Rant-tard, is now being played widely on regular network news station -- and some Reporters are actually rather not in favor of the proceedings? Can you imagine? They MUST ALL be guntoting CCW nuts, right?

I trust your words will bite your ass hard enough, that you never sit for another pub-lick office -- ever, anywhere.

Adios, MF'r.

Odysseus said...

Canton needs a hero, paging Mr. Cobb.

jimbob86 said...

The Man they call Jayne, he'll give 'em what for!

Gay_Cynic said...

Anyone know someone electable and a resident of Canton?

Anonymous said...

I found this on the city's website. I wonder if he will get more phone calls and emails from out of town? Hmm...

Allen Schulman
3519 Culver DR NW
Canton, OH 44709

Home: 330 492-5409
Business Office: 330 456-4400
Council Office: 330-489-3223


Larry said...

I favor reasonable gun control, too. You should be in control of your gun enough to be reasonably sure of hitting what you are aiming at. If not, you should be at the range more often.
Speaking of which, I really need to get to the range more often...
wv: whingses, what Red Bull gives to Gollum.

Stan said...

Well if the dear mayor wants some common sense gun control measures that will prevent this from happening again why don't we pass a law disarming the police? Should prevent the officers from harassing and threatening to execute the good citizens of the city when they might be the ones on the receiving end of a gun barrel afterwards.