Thursday, July 14, 2011


Picking up saganaki for dinner last night at Sam's Gyros, 54th & College Ave. Yum!


Retardo said...

I always thought saganaki was rice wrapped in nori and sliced into billllions and billllions of pieces.

OK, another illusion shattered.

Mikael said...

A greek fried cheese dish... but I agree, it sounds(err reads, well you get the picture) like japanese.

However saga while appearing in japanese is a borrowed word from english, with the same meaning, and I could find _many_ versions of naki, but the main non-name one seems to be summer season. So if it was a japanese word, it would most likely be a novel or manga(IE: summer season saga).

Woodman said...

Places like that,the food trucks, museums, music and art shows, and community are part of what occasionally slow me down on my rush to get a small ex-farm.

Not too many exotic (or any) dining establishments out in the middle of nowhere.

OTOH, it will be nice and quiet out there with my chickens and gardens. And I'll have time to prep for the zombie attack when it starts in Beech Grove.

Ben said...

If you're near 86th Street and Zionsville, check out Gyro Stop.

Halal too, if you know anyone who cares.

libertyman said...

Do they pronounce it yee-roh or jie roh there?

Drang said...

So, I gotta ask, saganaki to go? Do they fire it up for you there, or do you take care of that at home?

Tam said...


"Do they fire it up for you there..."

This. :)

theirritablearchitect said...

Is the Cuban any good from the joint next door?

Always a favorite of mine.

drjim said...