Thursday, July 21, 2011


Monster Hunter Alpha is shipping!

Guess what I just ordered? I am so stoked!


Tango Juliet said...

My copy's been on order for a coupla weeks now.

~Katherine~ said...

...and it's available as an eBook from Baen now. I'm 174 pages into it...and it's gooooooood. Nyanyanyanyanya!

Tam said...


Immediately below this post is a picture of a hundred-year-old pistol. I can wait for the feel of squooshed dead trees in my hand. ;)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Lets see: Just walked into the house a little after 3:00 p.m. EDT, checked your Blog, saw your post, and as of 5 minutes ago, it hit my Kindle. Now to transfer it to MY New Magic Elf Box.....,see, there are a few good things about the 21st. Century. Not many, true, but.... oh, yeah, it's $2.00 cheaper as an eBook, plus there's no Shipping Costs. Gasoline for the Zed Drei is how much a gallon in Indy?

misbeHaven said...

I'm with you, Tam... waiting for the dead tree edition to arrive. You can't smell an e-book, or feel the texture of the pages in your hands.

Tam said...

Bubblehead Les,

"Gasoline for the Zed Drei is how much a gallon in Indy?"

Not enough to make me want to read it on a computer or cellphone screen. ;)

Like I've said elsewhere: If it's a book I'm going to want to reread in its entirety, I want an archival copy.

(Conversely, the copy of Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us I'm currently reading is the kind of book that will get d/l'ed to my Kindle when I get around to ordering one in the next couple months.)

One might as well try to prove the superiority of strawberry to vanilla. ;)

~Katherine~ said...


My dead tree copy should arrive at my neighborhood bookstore tomorrow or Monday. Future rereadings (and they'll happen, oh yes) will utilize that copy, 'cause you're right: the smell, the feel, the sensation of opening a new paperback for the first time...those are all part of the reading experience. (Jasper Fforde and I are great friends, if by "great friends" I mean that I worship the shelves that his books reside upon...)

My Nook will NEVER replace my paper books. With rare exceptions--i.e., long-out-of-print books on early music which my grad student budget can't possibly afford in paper but can get for free on the Nook--I own physically all the books on my Nook. I have a Nook so that a) I can get the occasional instant gratification (MHA!!) and b) so that I can tote all my books--including research materials--around with me to read in my free moments.

Example: while waiting in line to see the latest Harry Potter, I read the first eight cantos of Dante's Inferno.

I'm nerdy that way. :D

And everyone KNOWS that strawberry is preferable to vanilla! (Unless the vanilla is covered in hot fudge sauce, in which case all bets are off.)

atlharp said...

I got the e-arc a while back and I will say that there are some things not worth waiting for. Regardless, This is a great book and it is badass no matter what format you use. :-D

P.S. You will never look at snowplows the same way again. ;-)

Kristophr said...

Or old Finns driving snowplows.

Anonymous said...

The only dissapointment about this is that I need to finish reading Hard Magic before I can start on Alpha.

Fred said...

I ordered it months ago... and no shipping notice yet. What the hell Amazon!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing that says you can only have one copy. I already had MHI and MHV in paperback when I found out that Baen sold the ebooks from their website. I now have the ebooks on my kindle and magic elf-box for those long waits at the doctor's office.
I am over halfway through MH-Alpha and enjoying it immensely. I'll buy the paperback when it comes out to loan to my friends.

FxR said...

I bought the e-book ARC as soon as it was available and tore through it in a matter of hours. I'll buy the paperback eventually to go along with my other hard copy MHI books and Hard Magic. They're not just worth buying, they're worth buying twice!

Jon said...

I own a Nook so I can haul my entire 2,000 book library (which is very heavy) with me on a plane.

I never need 2000 books, but I like options.

I own (or will aquire) Dead Tree copys of every book I own on the Nook.

Such is the proper way of things.

And e-ARCs are reader crack. Really.

Montie said...

Cool! And just in time too, since I finished "Hard Magic" about three weeks ago :)

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree, Jon. I don't need paper copies of every ebook any more than I need the dvd for every tv show or movie that I watch.
Most books that I've read are more like popcorn movies than Casablanca. I miss the resale value of an ebook but appreciate the convenience more.

Jon said...

Eh. To each their own. I like having a library. I like loaning books. I can't do that (easily) with a fair number of e-books. (Baen E-books being a notable exception to this rule)

But the Nook has its place in the fact that as mentioned earlier, it is *much* lighter to travel with.