Wednesday, May 02, 2012

See Don. See Don Make $#!+ Up. Don't Be A Don.

Just like back in Knoxville, discharging a firearm (except at a range or to bust a cap in a bad guy) is prohibited in the city limits of Indianapolis, but there's no ordinance against ordnance out in the county, which is weird, because Indy and Marion County supposedly fused into this "Unigov" thing years ago...

Anyway, there's some agitating now to expand the ordinance to the county line, allegedly in the name of safety to prevent yahoos from shooting bullets into the air on New Year's Eve, whence they will now plummet to earth onto Lexus SUVs instead of cornfields and the occasional startled cow.

Ever ready to cram his mug in front of the local news cameras and shiv the Second Amendment in the liver in return for some free airtime, local gun shop owner Don Davis, owner of Don's Guns, former Hoffa bodyguard, and all-around douchebag and general tool, offered up this gem:
"Indianapolis has grown and it used to be right out here at 38th street was the city limits. Under Unigov, they're now out to the county line roads. And, all the guns I sell today are not like I sold 35 years ago. These guns go a long way. So this is a big city, it's time we should do it, and it doesn't effect the indoor shooting."
It will not, perhaps, surprise you to find out that Douchebag Don has an indoor range.

Now, it would be one thing to come out and say "Yes, I agree that the 'burbs have encroached on Farmer Johnson's backyard range, and maybe we should look into this," but the bit about the guns he sells today not being like the guns he sold 35 years ago is just gratuitous B.S., mugging for the camera, and he knows it. The AR-15's he's selling now are no more potent than the ones he was selling in the '70s. I am once again proud of the fact that I have never set foot in this jackhole's shop, nor will I ever.

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Woodman said...

I don't think Don has ever hinted that ever wants to do anything but sell more guns. And if making up the occasional fact or two helps him sell guns he'll do that.

I used to work at the movie theater he would take his bimbos to on the NW side. Most of the people there recognized him, but didn't remember what from, but it almost seemed like he was ready to extend that pinky ring to be kissed at any moment just in case.

Noah D said...

I've been to Don's shops, all three of them, once or twice. Never bought anything except range time, once.


I have never seen a more hunched-over, abused and abusive, downright unhappy set of gun store employees in my life. They were like cringing dogs, ready to snap out at anything that came near. I understand that it most likely stemmed from the vast amount of BS they had to deal with, but still...not a good place.*

That, and the range was awful.

*(Don's 38th had, and to my knowledge still has, a gold-plated 'Deagle' in the case. No, Not A Good Place.)

Bram said...

He's just a smaller time version of Warren Buffett - using douchey politicians to rub out the competition while posing as a good citizen. Crony capitalism for all.

Brad K. said...

The neighbors might extend to the county line; but what about the livestock and the natural, four-legged predators -- and animal control?

If the police or dog catcher or whatever are dealing with every skunk and fox and opossum between the city line and the county line, then fine.

If the police (the "only ones") are going to assist every livestock owner needing to put down a badly injured animal from sheep to cow, etc., then fine.

If the county line is patrolled, and the same distance from the nearest donut shop and precinct establishment, staffed and funded to the same levels as downtown Indianapolis, then fine.

The real question is, do public services adequately cover the services, including recreation, sportsmanship, gun safety, defense of the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and firearm collecting, that guns cover?

Oh, my. The right question is why the county rule shouldn't include the rest of the county.

Tam said...

Brad K.,

"The right question is why the county rule shouldn't include the rest of the county."

Yes, I agree. And doubly so every time a ^%&*@#$ squirrel gets into the tomato plants.

I was merely pointing out that Don's reasoning, to use the term loosely, was specious.

It is one thing to say "I think the rule should be extended to the county line because it's all built up out there now, just like it was in the city back in the day," and another thing altogether to add extraneous, provably false, disingenuous bullshit about guns shooting further today than they did during the distant mists of the Carter administration.

SpeakerTweaker said...

There's a guy like that in San Antonio, that built what was, until Bass Pro opened, the only indoor range in S.A. He came out a did a big camera mugging when OC advocates started getting heard here, talking about how dangerous OC was, and how much safer concealed carry is, and, oh, BTW, come here for your (state-mandated) CHL training. I have purchased nothing from him, nor will I ever.


Joseph said...

I don't see how Don has stayed in business all these years other than idiots who will swallow his particular brand of bullshit. Everytime I see him I think Al Sharpton has turned white.

Ed said...

Compared to what was available 35 years ago, today's weapons now have magical powers, including greater range, or something, whatever.....

So, exactly how big is this indoor range, and how does Don know anything about the performance of a weapon, specifically the range? Could it be that someone has fired the weapon outdoors? Horrors!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tamara: I read in your comments about Don Davis something I had not known before. That he was a bodyguard for Hoffa which may explain part of his sleaziness. I have lived in northside Indianapolis, on and off (Georgia, Colorado, and Pennsylvania) for 55 of my 65 years. In the 70's and early 80's Don had very tacky ads on TV firing Thompsons, AR15's, machine guns, and various other autos with bandoliers and belts of linked ammo across his chest along with various shoulder holstered pistols. His mantra being "
I don't need the money, I just LOVE to sell GUNS".

Seeing that he was a body guard, for Hoffa, may explain some of the sleaze having rubbed shoulders with it.

Don had two locations in the 70's with his main office and range at 96th and Keystone. A female friend once applied for a secretary/bookkeeper job with Don. After being told she had the job, while leaving his office, he grabbed her ass and told her to come dressed in sexier clothes and be preparred to work late. Needless to say, she was shocked and never returned for work. That is the kind of slime he was and still is.

Don is the "go-to-guy" when the local lamestream press and gun-grabber politicians want comments about the travesty of "illegal" and easy to get guns. He is no defender of the 2nd Ammendment if it will reduce competition. He hates "Gun Shows".

I was in his Keystone store many years ago to look at a 22 rifle, and saw his high prices. When asking the sales clerk about the high prices, he curtly stated that unlike Don, he liked and needed the money.

The UNIGOV experiment debacle introduced by Mayor Dick Lugar was supposed to ELIMINATE the Sheriffs department, which has pretty much happened now. Wells, the longtime, politically powerful, sheriff at that time was able to foil Lugar's Globalist attempt to destroy his authority and mold all police function into the appointed, not elected, Director of Public Safety and IMPD. Indianapolis was to be a national test case for eliminating locally elected government. Mayor Lugar and the Marion County Prosecutor, Kelly, were caught in a raid by the Hamilton County Sheriff on a Male Prostitution House. Lugar and Kelly claimed they were there investigating "prostitution"....yeah mayor or prosecutor does that. Needless to say, this information was kept out of the press by Sheriff Wells in exchange for Lugar making several changes to the federaly promoted UNIGOV effort. So that is why there are certain laws for old Indianapolis not applicable to rural
Marion County....but the power/gun grabbing totalitarian liberal City-County Council, with the help of State legislature and the governor, are now changing all that Wells had successfuly prevented with his blackmailing of Mayor (Rhodes Scholar, CFR, fake-conservative) Lugar.

P.S. Our mutual friends from the gun show , Paul and Joni, suggested that I get in touch and meet with you just to be familiar with like minded souls who live and work in the same area. I reside nearby and go past your home many times a week. I eat and shop at many of the places you visit. I discovered your house when you posted that picture of your cat on the front porch. When you get back from your travels, I may just stop and introduce myself as Paul and Joni suggested. Just keep it holstered as I am not the enemy. Have a nice trip. Joe B

Drang said...

So, the new phrase is "Don't be a Don", where "Don"="That Guy"?