Tuesday, May 01, 2012

They finally got their fangs into their bête noire.

The headline story, as well as the BREAKING NEWS banner across the top of the page at CNN.com this morning read:
I hope CNN's web guy had some Kleenex at his desk to use after he finished typing that in. I wonder how you pronounce "Mouch" in an Oxford accent?

I'm sure that the headlines at MSNBC.com are similar, and will be appearing on signs at today's scheduled communist festivities Occupy $WHEREVER protests. (Occupiers hate Fox and love MSNBC because Fox is run by evil oligarchs, while the board of directors at MSNBC are actually all unpaid interns at a zero-emissions organic commune in Berkeley.)


The Great and Powerful Oz said...

So now let's hear their new five year plan.

staghounds said...

... Into The Ground, Like Parliament Can".

There, fixed it.

perlhaqr said...

The ruling could prompt British regulators to force him to sell his controlling stake in British Sky Broadcasting, a significant part of his media empire.

At first I was going to be all agog that they can do that over there, and then I realised that they could probably do the same thing here by revoking a broadcast license or something.

It still seems pretty egregious, though.

SGB said...

When Great Britain began to look more like France than France did, I decided to never go back. They have ruined a decent little place to get fish and chips.

staghounds said...

My favourite line is "These people corrupted our country. They have brought shame on our police force and our Parliament. "

How dare he bribe us!!!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Funny how they didn't whine when he was making tons of money for a bunch of British "National Inquirers." But since they can't get their Taxes due to the Interweb, well....

Oh, the Phone Hacking? Didn't Sherlock Holmes say something about British Journalism back in the day?

staghounds said...

The saddest thing about the hacking scandal is that so much fact finding and dirt digging was directed at pointless targets.

Because that is where the career building stories are.

The public doesn't care about corruption, betrayal, and dishonesty in its own servants, they want dirt on Sienna Miller!

The evil thing is that the expenditure of so much investigative and prosecutorial effort directed at people who FOUND OUT TRUTH will chill actual investigation of people in authority.

Members of Parliament and policy making bureaucrats should be exempt from ALL privacy protections. We pay you, you belong to us.

Guffaw in AZ said...

SO...gov't legislative people make pronouncements regarding private industry leadership...?
I'm thinking this isn't there bailiwick.
OH, I forget this is the UK, not here...(sarcasm font)

Pedro the Ignorant said...

The British Parliament making grave pronouncements about who is, or is not, fit to run a commercial enterprise in that sinkhole of a country is more laugh provoking than either the Marx Bros or the Three Stooges at their best.

Kristopher said...

So ... exactly how will this effect him?

He'll need to sell his service via satellite in the UK, I guess.

Or over the internet.

Will Parliament try to make people pay the TV tax for laptops and iPads?

I suppose he could just leave the country, and put embarrassing MPs conversations up on line.

Kristopher said...

I mean, seriously ... if they are going to treat him like a Bond Villain, he needs to start acting like one.

docjim505 said...

What do they mean, "not fit to run a business"? Do they mean that his judgment is lacking? Hard to say that given what a success he's been so far in his career. Do they mean that he's deficient in moral fiber? Um, he's in the news business; morality ain't exactly a prerequisite.

Anyway, I agree with everybody else: for members of Parliament to make this sort of claim is laughable. No, make that pathetic, on par with John Edwards saying that a man isn't fit to be a husband, or Michael Vick claiming that a man isn't fit to own a dog.

Noah D said...

Completely off-topic, I got an email today from the Lugar campaign, touting 'Lugar-Mentum'.

1) Someone needs to be fired for that.

2) After some puzzling about, I managed to pronounce it correctly: 'desperation'.

Anonymous said...

"Lugar-mentum" is the product of the mass and velocity of a wad of phlegm. Might want to check the spelling on that, I only ever saw it spelled "Loogie-mentum".

"Meow-mentum" is the product of the mass and velocity of a hurled cat, presuming one can actually hurl a cat, and not merely fruitlessly wave one's hand around with a cat fastened firmly to it, while one screams in agony.

Mike James

Derfel Cadarn said...

Where does anyone holding a political office anywhere get off saying who is fit to run an international corp.? Might I point out that these bozos are NOT capable of productive employment which is why they are politicians. If it honesty,integrity, and ethics that these MPs question Then they really have some pair of balls. The lowest lifeforms on the planet question a business integrity. If they want power over Murdock's empire they should purchase stock until that time they should shut the F#@K UP!

Joe in PNG said...

Meanwhile, Pinch Sultzberger is still in charge of the New York Times. He's heard of this thing called "profit", but wants little truck with it in regards to his business.

Anonymous said...

while the board of directors at MSNBC are actually all unpaid interns at a zero-emissions organic commune in Berkeley

Not quite zero emissions, they emit quite alot of smug.