Monday, June 11, 2012

Overheard in the Hallway:

The morning newscast is droning away in roomie's bedroom:
TeeWee: "Children as young as seven are injuring themselves due to feelings of depression..."

Me: "Wow, Tickle me Emo."

RX: (in faux-Elmo squeak) "It makes the screaming in my head stop."


Living in Babylon said...

Wrist Razor sold separately. By purchasing this product, you waive any and all claim to legal action resulting in misuse of product.

No yiffing.

Roberta X said...

(You have to imagine my line delivered in a faux-Elmo voice.)

Dave Markowitz said...

Would that be Tickle Me Emo?

{runs, ducks}

mikee said...

I am unimpressed with the report. Children younger than seven need to stop dilly-dallying and catch up with their older siblings.

Anonymous said...

This calls for NapTime!
Saw that on Marko's blog and didn't get a bit of work done the rest of the day.


Gnarly Sheen said...

Tickle Me Emo was one of MadTV's best skits:

"I hurt myself to feel!"

The box says "Depress-a-me Street"