Friday, June 15, 2012

Overheard in the Office:

Roomie is reading the "Beliebers In The Open" post:

RX: "Oh, Tam. Why are you so violent? Why are you a hater?"

Me: "Uh, because I'm a violent hater?"

RX: "Okay, I guess I'm down with that."


Brad K. said...

Is it the behavior that is violent, or is this just hyperbole to colorfully illustrate how frustrating it is to expend all that energy into something so meaningless as an entertainment performance?

You know. Like a basketball game. Or one of Billll's postal matches, though I haven't heard of days of pre-performance adulation from Colorado.

While using scales of violence to indicate degree of hyperbole is traditional, it does tend to sound like a violent person. Like a politician, maybe?

AM said...

If they bring a knife we bring a gun?

Get in their faces?

Somehow Tam's violent rhetoric disturbs me less than the Presidents.

Kristopher said...

Brad: If she could obtain 'crat eating minkeys, she would deploy them.

Trust me.

mustanger said...

Is a minkey a hybrid of a mink and a monkey? How many crats can one minkey eat?

Alan J. said...

Wow, when I first glanced at that I thought the title was, "Believers in the Oven."

Crap - do I ever need new glasses...

Kristopher said...

"Liebe mine absminkey!"