Monday, June 11, 2012

Ignorance is bliss.

People are already saying that Romney is making too much out of Obama's line about the private sector "doing fine", but I don't think he's making enough hay out of it. Obama deserves to get whacked over the head with that line 'til it splinters by anybody with access to a keyboard or a microphone.

Seriously, where does Obama get off talking about the private sector? He's never even been there. That's like me talking about Turkmenistan. Heck, Obama's spent more time in a madrassa than he has in the private sector.

This is obviously some alternate usage of "doing fine" that isn't in my dictionary.


Carteach said...

Your job seems to be putting many of my thoughts into clear and coherent words.

You are pretty darn good at it, too.

docjim505 said...

I just recall Bush Classic being pilloried for not knowing the price of a loaf of bread. If I may wax hyperbolic, Barry seems not to know that people can't afford to buy it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

He Who Would Be King also thought a
guy with a bunch of kids to transport, and trouble paying the price of gas, could afford to buy a
"hybrid van."

None of such exist in the
actual private sector.

Anonymous said...

I have a sucking chest wound. No worries, though. I'm doing fine.


og said...

"Ignorance is bliss. "

No WONDER wingnuthead and his bertha butt bride are so happy all the time.

mikee said...

"The mills of the gods grind slow, but exceedingly fine."

The finer I feel, the more ground down I become.

President Obama knew exactly what he was saying, and meant it.

Moriarty said...

But he knows everything about the private sector! He's the most private sectory president in American history and he personally accounts for the entire GDP just maintaining the White House garden! Why just yesterday, he and Axelrod told us they created 6.0221415 10^23 yottajobs -- before tee time!

("Take you milk pail to the radio." -- A saying in Stalin's era, when results of the latest 5-year plan were broadcast.)

LCB said...

Much more troubling is that the Obamasseiah thinks hiring more public workers is the cure for the economy. You know...the public workers that it takes higher taxes to pay for...thus sucking more life out of the economy. "They" want more than 50% of the country on the public dole (government jobs, welfare, etc) so that they have a fool proof majority voting for the continuation of the gravey train. They are d@mned close to getting it...

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"doing fine" = "all according to my plan"

The more that the masses experience hardship in their daily lives, especially financially, the more likely they are to look for help from any source... including Big Government.

Borepatch said...

"making too much of the remark" = MSM trying to keep the ship from sinking.

What with the video of Harry Reid saying the exact same thing, I'm wondering if they have any other big wig Democrat on video spouting the same message. Expect a commercial to saturate the airwaves in October if they do.

As you know, I'm no Mitt fan, but he sure is tuned into "things that are good for Mitt". We ain't seen the last of this by any means.

Brad K. said...

Obama's private sector advisors, Chicago slum lords and big labor moguls, don't see a problem.

A "Community Organizer" sees folk on the government dole. Those folk are doing about as well as expected.

Unemployment, measured per Clinton/Obama metrics, is about 5.5% here in town. Problem is, most of those out of the work habit (two years of unemployment benefits have disabled them, as regards a go-to-work-each-day work ethic) aren't considered in "How many people that should have jobs have jobs?" The result is that employers from Wal-Mart to light manufacture are having problems because they cannot keep new-hires around long enough to make the first six months. And we cannot attract new business to town, because the "unemployment rate" is so low, it looks like there wouldn't be anyone available to fill new jobs. Which I guess there aren't.

Prices are inflating at an accelerating pace. Obama might have strong-armed the oil companies to push prices down through the election (can anyone say, "Election day gas price balloon"?), but otherwise costs are going up. Obama is getting refineries and coal-fired power plants shut down, and electricity is getting more expensive.

It isn't just corn getting more expensive.

But for President "Community Organizer" Obama, "his" people (on the dole) are doing about as well as expected.

I think Romney seems to be thinking of improving the prestige of the office of the President of the United States. He may be being cautious about criticisms of the office so that, if elected, he has a chance to serve America, instead of merely re-branding the office as an honorable and respected institution. I see Romney's mild handling of the "private sector" remark as statesmanship, and a long-term tactic that could be very good for America. Maybe.

RandyGC said...

"We have no need for ancient ways
The world is doing fine"

Rush -2112.

I would presume in this context that the "ancient ways" are the Constitution promulgated by a bunch of dead white European type men.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah the president, stepped in that , rolled in it,and threw it around and then stood and said, "smells like flowers!"

I'm going to enjoy every time Team Romney beats him like a rented mule with it. Every time. It was perfectly in context too, which makes it that more schadenfreude-y

LCB said...

"RandyGC said...
"We have no need for ancient ways
The world is doing fine"

Rush -2112."

Auuugggghhhhhhhh...I can't believe I didn't think of that first. May Neil forgive me...

Bubblehead Les. said...

Is Obama TRYING to be Stupider than Marie "Let them eat Cake" Antoinette?

Rob said...

This combined with Axelrod's insistence that police and firefighters are part of the private sector makes me think that this administration has absolutely no fucking clue whatsoever.

God, Gals, Guns, Grub said...

"Obama's spent more time in a madrassa than he has in the private sector."

An instant classic!

Dann in Ohio

LCB said...

And oh...crime is down...fires are way down (thank you Mr. Inventor of the smoke detector)...and last time I checked teaching jobs in my area are impossible to come by. So...why exactly do we need those policemen,firemen and teachers???