Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well how do you like them little green apples?

Yesterday evening's torrential toad-strangler, which dumped nearly an inch of water on the dessicated lawns and gardens of Roseholme Cottage, apparently kept itself neatly confined to the north side of I-70:
There was no rain at the National Weather Service office in Indianapolis, so our streak of day [sic] with no measurable rain now stands at 25 days. Unless we get .32" of rain Saturday this will go in the record book as the driest June ever.
Mother Nature took another whack at it around 0430 this morning, as I was awakened by booming thunder, howling wind, and falling branches to see this on the radar:

That looks like it may have gotten a few drops in the bucket down at 6900 West Hanna Avenue.

As a side note, local news anchor Jenny Runevitch penned the following:
When the skies opened up, extreme drought gave way to downpours. Heavy rain drenched people and parched plants. Even penny-sized hail pounded the pavement and grass, which has been bone-dry for weeks.
I am as awestruck by amazing acts of alliteration as anybody, Jenny, but you went one 'P' too far with "parched". That was just gratuitous, and further, it made it sound like the rain was parching the plants. Bad anchor! No hairspray!

PS: While we're on the topic of weather, it always amuses me to go look at the climate charts of remote islands in Wikipedia:

The Falklands, for instance have an average January high of 55 degrees and an average July low of 30 degrees. Chatham Island has a daily mean temperature that fluctuates barely a dozen degrees over the course of a year.

Meanwhile, here in the continental interior (“humid continental” climate,) we experienced a forty-seven degree temperature swing between Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon, and the spread between the record summer high and record winter low is over a hundred and thirty degrees.


Anonymous said...

Meh, at least you're getting rain...

Haven't seen the sky cry here since the 1st week of May.
My garden gets watered twice a day and its still dying from the heat, 100+ all week and no end in sight.

CGHill said...

Your basic Heavily Localized Storm. Rain totals from June 15:

OKC Will Rogers: 0.01"
OKC Wiley Post: 1.99"

Distance between the two stations: 12 miles.

You've got us beat: difference between coldest and hottest here is 130 degrees even (-17, 113). However, we still have that one day in '11 (that would be 1911) with a 66-degree drop from morning to night (83 to 17).

Marja said...

Well, here in Southern Finland we are currently enjoying a rainy 59 F. Around 66 you are getting to t-shirts and sunbathing on the beach weather. Around 86 can happen sometimes, but that's quite rare and never lasts very long.

The saying goes 'Finnish summer is short and has little snow' although due to differences of languages that sounds hell of a lot funnier when you say it in Finnish.

Ed said...

So.... on average the temperature is somewhere in the middle of the two extremes?

That sounds so mean!

HerrBGone said...

@Ed: Groan!

Tam, those islands are surrounded by this thing called a modifier. Your neck of the woods - not so much... Large bodies of water do interesting things to the weather.

Wayne said...

North Dakota had a record low of -60 and a record high of 121 with in 6 months in 1936.

Firehand said...

You had a 'super derecho'
I'd always just thought they were 'a looong line of nasty effing storms'.

Kristopher said...

I thought it didn't rain in Indianapolis ... in the summer time ...

Joe said...

We had less than .01 inches of rain here in Shelbytucky in June. That is just a few miles as the crow flies from your command center. Your two storms brought us wind, but nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Britain was braced for further flooding on Sunday as forecasters suggested this June would be one of the wettest in the last 100 years.
dad (living in England this summer)

RKN said...

One other nit, Ms. Jenny. "Skies" do not open up. There is only one sky.

Kristopher said...

You are unaware of the alternate Sky.

Ceiling Cthulhu is watching you.

Richard Blaine said...

Granted I cheated Both times.. I moved, but not all that far.

I spent the an afternoon in Death Valley 105 degrees, latter that night at the top of the north pass out of DV (near Bristle Cone Pines) approx 10K feet higher - 28 degrees (and snowing) - about 80 miles north, and 10 hours apart

Motorcycle ride west coast to east coast (and back). Spent the morning on the west side of Glacier NP - 24degrees in the morning, lunch on the west side, 95degrees (still dressed for motorcycling in 24degree weather - yuck). about 60 miles apart and 4 hours.

Able said...

Here in the UK we have a state of the art weather forcasting facility, and it's never wrong!!!

Joat said...

Minnesota has a spread between record low and record high for a single month that's 131 degrees(72 in canadian).