Monday, June 04, 2012

Tab Clearing...

  • Thumbnail blogmeet recap. More to follow.

  • When is a 1911 like a Glock? Always wear eye protection!

  • Because racegun!

  • See? It's not even the fun kind of genocidal totalitarian dictatorship with tanks and snappy uniforms that people can get all up in arms and revolt against. It's a dull, healthy, high-fiber one, with hot and cold running iTunes and laws about wearing galoshes when it's raining.


Joseph said...

Could someone please take the "Because Racegun!" meme out back and beat it to death? Oh wait, it's already been beat to death.

BTW, I'm Truly hoping that Tam is using this in an ironic/sarcastic fashion to poke fun at those that seem to think this meme is somehow entertaining. If not, please excuse me while I back out of the room.

rickn8or said...

Could somebody take Bloomberg out back and tell him he's not the Mommy?

Cincinnatus said...

The 1911 blowup looks like a debris caused out of battery detonation.

Pretty straightforward.

Goober said...

So he says that the previous week he had a double fire because he didn't set the primer in good enough, and this weeek he overloaded a case so badly that the thing detonated in his hand. I've been reloading high powered rifle and pistol rounds for 30 years now, and have even gone over the recommended limits in the books on more than one occasion (gradually, with high levels of analysis and chronographing as I worked the powder charge up 1/4 grain at a time) and I have never, ever in my entire life had a double fire from not seating the primer good enough (which is reloading 101) or a case explode on me from overcharging it (and if it had only been a bad case, it wouldn't have detonated the entire gun - if I had to guess, he accidentally double charged that round by adding two measures of powder into it absent-mindedly)..

Sounds like this home reloader needs to find a different hobby.

NotClauswitz said...

I almost bought that 1974 9mm satin-nickle Commander I saw in a shop, it seemed like an ideal blend of all things and balanced and fit the hand so well. I believe that considering it was the mental lede that got me going on pistols again, and made me go-off slightly wonky when I came across the Ed Brown for sale, ditching my Sigs...

Tam said...


While I do, in fact, write a blog, I don't actually really read other blogs on anything more than an occasional basis. Nor do I Facebook, Twitter, IRC, or any of that other stuff with anything approaching regularity, so you'll have to forgive me for being unhip and using a meme that was SO three weeks ago.

Tam said...


In my experience, talking about what a faultless reloader you are is just tempting fate. ;)

We are all of us human.

Mad Saint Jack said...

I'm not going to jump to any conclusions about 1911 kBOOMs and Glenn Reynolds shooting a Glock Match.

Really I'm not...

dave said...

You guys complaining about Bloomberg's soda ban just don't understand. It's a jobs program. Just think how many inspectors, enforcers and legislators implementing this will employ. Sheesh talk about short sighted.

Ed Foster said...

I don't know Tam, I think Goober has a point. Kudoes for the gent's honesty, but he did just about everything wrong, again and again, pushing the limits, hell, pushing way past the limits.

Maybe I'm just anal retentive, but I've never had a double or heavy charge reloading pistol ammo, because I don't trust my ADD addled sense of organization worth a damn, and flashlight every cartridge in the tray before seating bullets. If it looks funny it gets dumped.

If I'm using the rotary Lock n'Load I check hell out of the powder measure, develop a smooth, consistent pull, and drop a charge on the scale every 50th round.

There just isn't a reason to work that close to the limits anyway. They'll usually shoot better with a milder load.

Cincinnatus said...

I think Goober did not really read the whole post closely, as the problem sounds like it was actually debris on his firing pin that caused the out of battery detonation. Not a high primer, nor an overcharge.

That said, the overcharged cases are not good news.

Windy Wilson said...

"It's a dull, healthy, high-fiber one, with hot and cold running iTunes and laws about wearing galoshes when it's raining."

Well, then it's an ok enslavement then, because it isn't for someone else's benefit, but for our own good.

Dave is right; In all those east coast cities, every regulation is about giving jobs as inspectors to one's relatives.

Will said...


not sure how I stumbled on this, and a bit off topic:

Caution! possibly NSFW!

(irreverent use of dead cat)

Goober said...

Robin - he admitted himself in the writings there that it was a faulty-seated primer. The debris on his firing pin was almost certainly a result of the detonation slamming things back into the firing pin at high velocity. If it'd been there the whole time between the double-fire last week and the explosion this week, he'd have likely been double firing the whole time.

As for tempting fate, Tam, you are probably right as rain there. i really should knock on wood and say a couple hundred Hail Mary's or else I may be posting my schadenfreude moment here in short order. I mean no disrespect to the guy in what i said, I've just seen a lot of people in my time that don't take releading as seriously as they should - and it is a deadly serious game. I think the results of this 1911 detonation more or less prove that. I had a buddy that used to reload his 300 Arnold Magnum (the predecessor to the 300 RUM) and was so incautious about it that he was constantly digging necks out of the chamber, and popping primers out into the workings of the gun. He had a squib round once because (I assume) he didn't put any gunpowder in a case and the primer was enough to run the bullet about 1/2 way down the barrel - really scary, bad stuff.

Reloading isn't a hobby that you do while watchin the nightly news and cooking rice ont he stove top. It is a deadly serious business that requires checks, double checks, and your undivided attention.

Moriarty said...

I've been reloading since 1978. I had an interesting out-of-battery with a Combat Commander shortly after I started. I failed to bell the case properly and wrinkled it slightly when I seated. I also didn't seat the primer deeply enough.

The cartridge didn't chamber, so I gave the slide a good smack. (That tied it up really tight and is also the reason I've never used the forward assist on an AR.) I couldn't get the slide back, so I transferred the pistol to my left hand so I could rack the slide harder using my stronger right hand.

The high primer didn't take kindly to this and there was a fine bang, a blown primer, ruptured case and the sensation of hot sand being blown into my face.

Eye protection was a good idea.

Years later, I located a live magnum rifle primer that had made its way outside with the use of a cutting torch.

Eye protection was a good idea.

I was given some 7.65 Argentine bullets (and told they were .308s) which I stupidly loaded without checking into a P17 Enfield, causing a bit of gas venting around the primer.

Eye protection was a good idea.

I once shot at a cratered steel target with a Beretta 21A from about 15 yards. A bullet fragment came back nearly along the line-of-sight, striking and shattering the left lens of my polycarbonate glasses, deflecting upward and embedding into my brow.

I wear eye protection regularly.

Cincinnatus said...

Goober, I don't think I agree with your interpretations of his observations. Sort out his observations from his conclusions carefully, and think solely about the factual observations he relates.