Thursday, June 21, 2012


That was an absolutely unproductive day...

Vertigo, nausea, chills and hot flashes; I was sick enough this morning that I actually threw away bacon. Feeling better now, thankfully.

Here's some tab clearing type stuff:
"The median household is no wealthier than they were in 1984," said Scott Winship, economic studies fellow at Brookings Institution.

Digging deeper into the data shows that some groups of Americans were hit much harder than others.
Financialpocalypse arrives, women and minorities hardest hit.

Meanwhile, file this one under "Wait, what?"

Mission police the gunman's Muslim faith did not play a role in their investigation.

But when quizzed on why he did it, the Lebanese man admitted that he didn't like that his daughter was dating someone who's not Muslim.
(H/T for that "Huh?" to Rodger the Real King of France.)


og said...

Happy you're on the mend. Also, I kept coming back so I could escape holder obsession. It was refreshinly absent here.

Anonymous said...

And some of his fellows are building a fine new fortified place of worship just across the street from a local high school. ROP and all that!!!

perlhaqr said...


Muslim or not, he murdered three people. Fuckin' fry 'im. In the end, who gives a shit why he did it?

"You erect your pyres, we'll erect our gallows" and all that.

Keads said...

Glad your back among the living!

Sendarius said...

"The median household is no wealthier than they were in 1984," said Scott Winship, economic studies fellow at Brookings Institution.

Applying Thomas Sowell's insight:

1. The statistics do not reflect the same households. Those that were at or about the median then, are almost certainly not there now.

2. Since when does INCOME = WEALTH? Wealth is accumulated assets. Being wealthier does not mean earning more.

3. You aren't measuring the same thing. There are more households per capita now than then - therefore fewer income earners per household - therefore lower income per household.

Seems obvious, but it was like a bolt of lightning had hit me when I first read it in "Intellectuals and Society".

Will said...

Your symptoms sound similar to what I experienced during a stroke. Turns out you don't always get all the classic signs with a stroke. They stayed around for more than a day, though.

Kristopher said...

Blaming Islamics for islamic crime is so 2004, you know ...

Anonymous said...

I guess it's smart, in a way, for the cops to ignore the muslim angle in the shooting case. It dose'nt give the Jihadi-backers a hook to hang their burqa on, and the perp is a dirtbag, muslim or not. He should fry for the dirt-bagery, not being a Mohamadidin, "honor-killing" not being a universal thang in that world. Unlike bingo w/ us Catholics...... O:-) JohninMd(help?)

Anonymous said...

"threw away bacon"...?

I didn't realize you were so close to death. Glad you are on the mend!


Brad K. said...

Some folk were hit harder.

Like, maybe, the women and children reduced to poverty by divorce? Who knew.

Like, minorities and young people shut out of so-called "entry level" jobs by drastically higher "minimum wage" laws? Who knew.

Like, people unable to start a business, because of the cost of meeting scads of regulations and fees? Who knew.

Like, immense unemployment insurance programs that tend to assure workers remain unemployed until the benefits period runs out? The way seasonal workers, construction and others, tend to depend upon for their annual income planning? Unemployment programs that train people to live without working? Who knew?

Like, reducing farming even further into a capital-intensive industrial operation highly dependent on stable access to credit, patented seed, increasingly rare and costly equipment, exotic pesticides and fertilizers -- in a world with increasingly unstable access to credit and energy. Who knew? Of course, America has also grown more dependent on food and products produced overseas, with the same reliance on stable credit, energy, and political stability.

Actually, I blame the Apollo (appalling?) moon landings. Dust from those boondoggles shifted the core magnetism of the moon, reflecting a reversal of the tides and causing the Gulf Stream to stop carrying all the way to the North Sea, where diluting snow melt from Scandinavia interferes with the normal salt/thermal exchange, resulting in grim (cold) weather for the British Isles and causing the Russians to re-elect Putin. It must be Bush's fault.

Anonymous said...

BradK, if all that is true then it is JFK's fault!

staghounds said...

"But in those days money was easily earnt and plenty of it. And not in pieces of paper either. Solid gold sovereigns like my grandfather wore on his watch-chain. Little round pieces, yellow as summer daffodils, and wrinkled round the edges like shillings, with ahead cut off in front, and a dragon and a man with a pole on the back. And they rang when he hit them on something solid. It must be a fine feeling to put your hand in your pocket and shake together ten or fifteen of them, not that it will ever happen to anybody again, in my time, anyway. But I wonder did the last man, the very last man who had a pocketful of them, stop to think that he was the last man to be able to jingle sovereigns.

There is a record for you.

It is nothing to fly at hundreds of miles an hour, for indeed I think there is something to laugh about when a fuss is made of such nonsense.

But only let me see a man with a pocketful of sovereigns to spend. And yet everybody had them here once. "

Richard Llewellyn

How Green Was My Valley

Chris said...

Billy Squire?