Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Theirs are cooler.

Our liberal Democrats poured money into the sinkhole of Solyndra.

Japanese Liberal Democrats want to pour money into giant Gundam combat robots.

This shows a combination of kooky political flair that makes Ron Paul look as square as Lloyd Bentsen and an awareness of the potential threats that Earth faces from hostile alien armadas and giant radioactive monsters.

I mean, if Gamera shows up, what do our liberal Democrats expect us to do? Hit him over the head with a solar panel?


Joe in PNG said...

The hard part is finding a teenager with the right combo of martial talent, serious emotional conflicts, and naturally occuring unnatural hair/eye colour to pilot it.
However, speed upgrades to Gundams are easy- paint it red and it is instantly 3 times faster.

Larry said...

Can we trade?

Brandoch Daha said...

But ours will build one that votes.

perlhaqr said...

Following links I found at that page:

I'm kinda shocked, actually, that it was a German court that did this. They're usually pretty ... circumspect these days, when it comes to anything that might offend Jews.

Shrimp said...

"I mean, if Gamera shows up, what do our liberal Democrats expect us to do?"

They, of course, expect us to bow down and accept our new overlord. They figure they can keep him under control with red tape and new legislation. They've been perfecting their craft for years, and their red tape is the new duct tape.

Brad K. said...

I like robots. They make good movie fodder. And I like the ones that spot-weld.

Other than that, though, I think the use is generally bad, as in flying armed unmanned bombers and strafers, traffic monitors and red light cameras (in cities that deliberately shorten the time a yellow light lasts in order to boost traffic ticket revenue).

Bomb defusing robots and mine and disaster search robots are pretty good.

But when the sun goes down, anything developed that would actually, like, power Gundam would be useful in replacing nuclear, coal, oil, gas, and hydroelectric power plants.

I figure Democrat graft is much more sustainable. And don't forget the other products of liberals, the War on Poverty that dissassembled the American family (introduced the concept of "welfare mom"), the War on drugs that has armed thousands of Mexican drug cartel shooters (Thanks, Pres. Obama, Sec'y Holder), and a war on the affluent that is systematically dismantling what is left of the American economy. Then there is the Chicago culture of non-violence, except for Teh Ones, the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) that Jimmy Carter signed, Bill Clinton added teeth to, and gave us the mortgage derivative meltdown. And still compels lenders to lend to folks that cannot repay.


Anonymous said...

"I mean, if Gamera shows up, what do our liberal Democrats expect us to do?"

Apologize, for starters, and look within ourselves and ask what it is we did that makes the kaiju mad at us.

Same thing they did when the Muslims started acting all Muslimy, really.

Mike James

Odysseus said...

Didn't Eisenhower warn of the Mecha Industrial Complex?

Joe in PNG said...

[anime geek]I wonder if Japan would let me be A CHAR?[/anime geek]

Anonymous said...

We'll throw Kirk at them: said...

"lumbering, earth-bound robot?"

Shows how little the dweebs at MSN know about Gundams! said...

P.S. - If Maddow starts pointing to giant robots instead of giant dams as examples of great public works, I might just have to switch sides.

(and no, I don't mean become lesbian.)

BobG said...

"There no WTF? quite like a Japanese WTF?".
- Unknown

DirtCrashr said...

Wait 'till that robot gets a load of the new Congressional DRM scheme!!

Joe in PNG said...

***Aspie nerd nitpick time***
Gundams are more akin to Heinlein's powered armor than an independant robot, in that you need a pilot. Typically said pilot in a Gundam is an angst riddled teen with funny coloured hair, or a blond man with a white mask & mysterious motives, and usually the agnsty teen's nemesis.

***This has been your aspie nerd nitpick. If I actually had a life, I likely would not be doing it***

Anonymous said...

"I mean, if Gamera shows up, what do our liberal Democrats expect us to do?"

They expect us to die, Mr. Bond.


montieth said...

Would you prefer a Japanese Ministry of Hentai Research?

Gudis said...

Gamera was a friendly monster Tam, and he deserves an apology.

Silver the Evil Chao said...

Dammit, I was going to make a joke about "red" and "three times faster", but Joe beat me!

Goober said...

I think it was over at Stoaty Weasel's place where she pretty much summed up what's going on here. Progressivism is a cargo cult.

In reference to Spain, who has had a progressive government for a while now, and who's landscape is dotted with half-finished highway projects with no real use in the middle of bum-frick nowhere.

In the backs of their minds, progressives know that highways are good for commerce and help the economy, so they are building little road-shaped shrines out in the middle of no where and hoping that the economy turns around.

Solyndra is no different. In their heads, they know that we need energy to survive, but they hate the way we currently make energy, so they build shrines to green energy like windfarms and solar panels, that they know full well don't work and have been proven to be unable to solve the problem, in the hope that the energy Gods will smile on them aand bestow upon them the ability to make unending amounts of energy with no tradeoffs.

treefroggy said...

Mothra will save us.

Thomas Smith said...

Montieth, Hentai monster research wouldn't need government research. Tentacled molesters could easily be financed by the private sector and would sell like nothing else ever seen before (via the anonymous internet). The reason they haven't been developed is that the male scientists know they'd never get a date again.

As for the mechs, when I was 10 I'd have said COOL!
At 20 or 30 I'd have said Neat.