Monday, June 11, 2012

Overheard in the Office:

Me: "Yeah, we had nesting geese in Oak Ridge..."

RX: "They fit inside each other?"

Me: "Yup, Russian Nesting Geese. They look a lot like the Canada Geese you get around here."


Micki Mahoney said...

Russian Nesting Geese are well known as being the most nervous and timid of the goose family. You can only observe their nesting behaviour if you get them all lined up in size order, tallest at the front, then fire a gun behind the little one.

That's also how they made the first 'turducken' roast.

mikee said...

My mind reels at the thought of how exactly those well-aligned geese get nested inside one another. I bet it hurts after the first couple of geese.

BobG said...

Nature's version of the turducken?