Friday, September 06, 2013

Overheard in the Office...

Bobbi is watching a YouTube video of a sort of unicycle steeplechase in Germany...
Me: "Here comes the pack! I don't see how that doesn't dissolve into chaos."

RX: "Well, they are German."

Me: "Yeah, Germans don't really do chaos well... It's how we beat them!"

RX: "That's kinda true."

Me: "Yeah, we'd put stuff out in the middle of a field all out of order, and when they went out there to alphabetize it... BAM!"


Paul said...

Waaay to much free time.

I thought they lost cause we bombed the holy shit of them. Which could explain this I guess.

mustanger said...

"I thought they lost cause we bombed the holy shit of them. Which could explain this I guess.

9:09 PM, September 06, 2013"

That's where VW bugs come from. We bombed Germany... they put wheels on 'em and sent 'em back.

Robert said...

Mrs Helmut "But we must do something - so many important people in our drawing room - we must do something."

(They think for a little while.)

Mrs Helmut "We could sort them out."

Helmut "And make a little list!"
Mrs Helmut "Ja, ja. We could put the ministers for internal affairs over against the wall, and those for foreign here by the clock."

Helmut "And we can sort them out alphabetically?"

Mrs Helmut "Nein, nein - just put the cleanest by the door."

RandyGC said...

When I went through Air Ground Operations School back during the Cold War, they had a statement supposedly attributed to a member of the OKW (German General Staff):

"The reason the American army does so well in warfare is that war is chaos, and the American army practices chaos on a daily basis"

Right next to one attributed to to a Soviet general:

"The problem with planning operations against the US military is that they do not read, nor feel any obligation to follow, their own doctrine"

Bram said...

I've heard stories of German as well as Soviet Generals complaining of our complete lack of adherence to our manuals.

As my battalion got ready for the ('91) Gulf War, the staff would run scenarios in a war room - messing around with arty / air strike / ground maneuver combinations trying to see what worked in that terrain. There wasn't a manual in the room.

Dan Crenshaw said...

Tam, did you run that joke past Marko before posting it, We wouldnt want him to get all butt sore and stop writing us made up stories...

Matthew said...


He's organizing a reply as we speak.

Ian Argent said...

Almost literally how (a fictional) Belisarius beats a war computer in one of David Drake's (many) love letters disguised as novels to same. He eventually figures out humans are better than the computer at dealing with chaos, so he sets out to create more of it.