Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sore losers.

Been watching network news this morning. You'd never guess that anything happened in Colorado yesterday.

Checked the front page at Nothi... wait. There it is in the fine print below the fold: "Gun-Control Dems Ousted In Recall."

Yesterday it was all over the big network sites as a NATIONAL REFERENDUM ON GUN CONTROL, and now it's like it didn't even happen. How ya like me now, Mr. National Referendum Man?

I'll bet Bloomie's a sad panda this morning, spendin' all that money for nothin'. Somebody buy that man a Big Gulp.


Critter said...

a tragedy, it is. makes me sad just to think on it. i may yet shed a tear.

Bob said...

A: The animal most likely to be hiding under a bed today.

Q: What is Bloomberg's cat, Alex?

Mo said...

Impressive victory considering how much the anti-gun folks spent - almost six times what the pro-recall supporters raised, not to mention the Democratic political machine was in full swing too, getting voters out to the poles.

I'm especially pleased that Morse was ousted. His hubris and his disdain for the liberty minded citizens of Colorado was sickening.

Good riddance!

Weer'd Beard said...

Yep did my morning rounds of the various anti-gun sites and twitter feeds, and the most hilarious was Joan Peterson who was tweeting well past when the polls closed about various individuals who were very naughty with guns and how we should all be punished for their crimes, and that dumbshit new law in Newtown CT that requires gunnies to play "Mother May I" before popping a cap.

Cincinnatus said...

Huge win. Especially against Giron in Pueblo.

Divemedic said...

Bloomberg still talking about how the law is still in place, and the vote did nothing. I think this sends a message, and it will be a long time before anyone in Colorado mentions gun control again.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Bloomie seems to think that a law once made, cannot subsequently be thrown out.

No sitting legislature can bind future legislatures. That is key to our system of government.

Tam said...

"Bloomberg still talking about how the law is still in place, and the vote did nothing."

If I'd just flushed that much money down the toilet, I'd be trying to cheer myself up, too. :D

Anonymous said...

The newspaper here had a big article on the front page about it (sourced from the AP of course) where they grasped at straws saying "but two other democrats weren't recalled."

Yeah, you keep trying to cheer yourself up there. It's kinda cute.

Jason said...

Yeah, he spent a lot. It was disgusting. I have received about 14 or 15 large color flyers from the time the petition started. During ONE news program I would see four of Giron's and Morse's commercials, all professionally made. And then there's the call center people calling and polling (I can tell they're out of state because they can't pronounce "Pueblo.") Bloomberg dumped a lot of money and I'm really happy he lost. If you hear some wailing, it's just the butt hurt hippies in CO.

Dirt Sailor said...

What's notable is just how strong these districts were as strongholds for the Democratic party. Morse's district went to the president by 21% in 2012.

Boat Guy said...

I thought we were having another flood this morning; turns out it's just commie tears.
Biggest congrats go to the Pueblo Plumbers; they really did it right, better than we did.
District 11 might have gone by that much in the Presidential race but Morse squeaked into a second term by a 300 vote plurality in a three-way race. 'Course we had out-of-town college kids dropping ten ballots at a time in this one, thanks to Morse's election law.

Commander_Zero said...

What sucks is that this is the political equivalent of installing an alarm system on yourhouse AFTER you've been robbed. That sort of determination, drive and effort needs to be focused on getting the right people into office to begin with, instead of getting them out after they go bad on us.

Boat Guy said...

Well Commander, that's a nice thought; but again, Morse got back into office by about 1% of the vote in our distrct. The Libertarian candidate siphoned off four times as many votes as Morse's plurality.
This time the Libertarians sued to "have a chance" at getting on the ballot (an effort which they failed in); but they DID succeed in delaying our recall long enough for Colorado College to get back into session, allowing all those carpet-bagging commie kids to stuff our ballot boxes.
It might "suck" but it's better than letting Morse and Giron back into the statehouse next session.

Ygolonac said...

And now, a short musical interlude:


Where the votes go sweeping out the Dems!

(I'd rather it be more specific, but most of the appelations for the antis don't scan as well. Sometimes, you gotta go with the flow...)

Ed said... did have a link to this, titled "Colorado's Civil War":

The story is dated yesterday, 9/10/13. So, since when is a peaceful election a "Civil War"? If the citizens turned out with tar, feathers and fence rails to demonstrate their intense displeasure in the performances of their elected candidates, then that title may be appropriate.

When elected government does not serve those who elected them, it is only right that they get removed from office as quickly as possible, preferably peacefully.

Anonymous said...

Ed -

Would you be as enthusiastic about the recall process if the situation was reversed -- if a candidate you supported was recalled because of a vote you liked?

Boat Guy said...

Morse was not recalled because of a vote we didn't like. He was recalled because he failed in the most basic responsibility of representative government; he REFUSED to listen to his contituents; the people he was "hired" to "represent". A "representative" doesn't have to vote the way we want but they damn sure are required to hear our input.
Morse refused; he disenfranchised hundreds of Coloradoans who showed up to testify on the bills. Previously, if you showed up and signed up and waited your turn you got three minutes. Hundreds of Coloradoans got told "Go away, not gonna hear you." Over two dozen Sheriffs showed up to testify; ONE was allowed to testify in general (our Sheriff, Maketa got ten whole minutes as an "expert" - one third of what some out-of-state astronaut was given).
THAT is why Morse was recalled.

cj said...

I'm not sure in what era of our history elected officials began thinking of themselves as elite rather than employees of the public. In a regular job, if you're boss asks you to do something and you do the opposite, you can expect to be fired. Why are politicians and the media so surprised when this happens, somehow justifying it to themselves as an outlier, or the result of some demonized organization (I keep seeing the comparison of Bloomberg's contributions to the NRAs, but no mention of the total ridiculous sums spent by other organziations trying to prevent the recall, so perhaps that's all part of the 'justification' they're trying to convey?)

I believe recall laws should be very carefully implemented, but as in this case, when enough constituents are not being represented, it's time to fire the employees.

johninMd.(help?!?) said...

@ anon 11:48; well over 60% of Coloradans were against this crap when Bloomie parachuted his arm-twisters into the Capital w/rucks full o' cash. I'll stand with the the majority, for Freedom from abuse by bought pols, thank you. Now if we can just wake enough people up and carpet-bomb Annapolis, life would be good. Just sayin'......

Anonymous said...

While the recall went the way I'd hoped it would, I would caution gunnies not to be taken in by "WE WON" rhetoric.

I believe that the bedrock issue here in Colorado was the high-handed disdain with which the politicians in Denver treated the voters.

Even with hundreds of constituents descending on Denver in the run-up to the various bills passage, these politicians dismissed the "little people" as inconsequential when compared to the influence of New York and Washington DC.

Giron said it best when she opined that if only one seat was lost, MAIG would lose a lot of credibility.

Personally? I hope it did. Lawmaking and elitist cronyism have no business being together ANYWHERE in this country.

The "little people" won THIS time. And elected officials would do well to remember who their actual employers are.


Boat Guy said...

The margin was FAR too slim for any of us to get "taken in".
I remain convinced that the Pueblo Plumbers accomplished more (and did it better) than we did. It's an honor to be on the same side as those folks. Sat next to one of them at one of the lawsuit hearings in Denver as he was doing that social media thing on his phone, keeping the folks informed of how things were going - one example of how these guys used whatever tools were available - and well. They spray-painted their signs to save money.
Met some GREAT people in this effort. I hope we can help each other out in the future.

Windy Wilson said...

Well, I for one am pleased that Bloomberg spent such a great amount of money and this was the result. I hope he continues to spend and spend and get this result every time. It would restore my faith in my fellow Americans for one thing.
And Fuzzy, as for Bloomie seeming to think that a law once made, cannot subsequently be thrown out, there is a strong force for demosclerosis in American politics. Laws tend to linger long past their expiration dates, like the trivial examples of the one in Ohio requiring automobile drivers to have a person walk in front of his car on the highway carrying a red flag, or the one prohibiting lady barbers in iirc North Carolina. There used to be books and magazine articles about this phenomena all the time.

Farm.Dad said...

Frankly as a CO citizen I did not entirely support the recall effort, feeling that we would be better to channel and build a good rage for next years election . However i sure cannot argue with such success especially since giron got her ass handed to here in the closest thing to the Chicago machine that Colorado has to offer. As to the ones who say the recall was symbolic , why yes , yes it was. but then so is the flag . If we rally around the recalls next year in a like manner then we can actually accomplish something worthwhile and roll back some of the nonsense restrictions in place.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it would take to get these odious laws repealed?

Darrell said...

Huge pats on the back to those who led the recall efforts. It was truly grassroots. There is still hope for Colorado. :)

Steve Skubinna said...

So apparently there are two ways to get legislators. You may elect them.

Or you can just have Michael Bloomberg buy them for you.

The latter method seems somewhat... impermanent.

Anonymous said...

"If I'd just flushed that much money down the toilet ..."

So THAT'S where Democrats come from.

Kristophr said...

It's not symbolic if someone in the Colorado house proposes to repeal this ... and it either get repealed, or we get another round of recalls.

If they are too stupid to learn, keep horsewhipping them until they are gone.

Persistance pays in politics.

Boat Guy said...

Emails going out to Bernie today stating that we, his constituents, want him to introduce a bill rescinding or repealing the whole Morse-driven package; not just the gun bills but the "rural energy" POS.
Farm Dad,
Hopefully the momentum will carry into next year. Still, it's far better to have Morse and Giron out of the house. Care to imagine for a moment what Morse (vile,vengeful little Bloomberg puppet that he is) would have done in the coming session?

Eric said...

I'm not in CO right now but all of this managed to get my mom riled up. I have never seen her that mad before.

She lives and votes in Teller County. She did volunteer to work downtown if they needed her.