Monday, September 02, 2013

Happy Lebber's Day!

(Post title explanation.)

I'm going to perambulate for some Broad Riparian chow. I'll bore y'all to tears with more droning on about shotguns when I get back.


Scott J said...

Hope your day goes more to plan than mine.

I'm supposed to be melting down a couple hundred pounds of range scrap and old pewter into ingots for later boolit casting but awoke to a monsoon this morning.

We're hoping this will pass by 1:00 pm so we can get it done by dark.

On top of that the left side of my face where I had two wisdom teeth yanked out Friday still freaking hurts. It's making me crankier than normal.

JayNola said...

I have to say that "droning on about shotguns" is clearly within the expected fare of the View From the Porch as denoted by the Boomsticks portion of the web address. Now if you care to drone on about what shotgun for drone then you'll have a bit of meta gun blogging. Though the subject seems to have been well covered elsewhere and specifically in a cartoon featuring you.

Anonymous said...

Have a pleasant holiday. Enjoy the chow.

Anonymous said...

Happy Lebber Day to you, too!
Ulises from CA

Joseph said...

Drone on. Your writings are always worthwhile.

Steve Skubinna said...

Ummmm... did you fill up the ice cream machine and turn it on before leaving?

If so, have a great time. We'll be here when you get back.