Saturday, September 07, 2013

Fred Goes Viral...

Guns & Coffee gets the attention of the local TeeWee news for his Kilted To Kick Cancer campaign. Rock on!


Matt G said...

I saw that, and was proud of him.
Nice job by the newsies, except for the sound guy's epic fail in eliminating the ambient noise during the reporter's strange stand-up (why do they do the stand-ups in front of nothing of interest?!? Why not just do them at the studio?). I thought that it would have been cool if she had turned around and said "Statistically, one of the men that you just saw walking past me will die of prostate cancer."

Fred said...

If you're local, you'd probably notice she's walking down one of the main student paths at the school, so it makes a bit more sense. Local news is local after all.

For the record, she's the one that brought up what's under it, and my wife was there the whole time.