Tuesday, September 17, 2013

QotD: I Know You Are But What Am I? Edition...

From Sebastian on the modern internet political debate tactic of getting to pick the other guy's team for him and then holding him accountable for everything they said:
Politics is increasingly becoming people shouting at each other in a cartoon world.


azmountaintroll said...

They're not shouting at each other, they're shouting among themselves. It's like a war dance, only there's never an actual war.

Someday, that's going to change.

Ed said...

Shouting at each other is still preferred to shooting at each other.

Think Burr vs. Hamilton, who disagreed, vigorously.


global village idiot said...

Shouting at each other implies the likelihood that the other will listen.

We're shouting past each other anymore; at least when a dog barks, you know there are fangs and claws backing his argument up.


rickn8or said...


It's more like this.

Tam said...


Gosh, I never heard of Burr and Hamilton. Tell me more!

joe in reno said...

You mean sincelike the Goldwater Kennedy dust up, er election?!!?? Now that was nasty.

mikee said...

I quit reading Dilbert years ago because it began to predict management initiatives at my company a bit too accurately.

The same goes for political cartoon figures: when your audience wants a cartoon fight, give it to 'em.

Why act smart when acting really, really stupid is both so much easier and more beneficial?

kx59 said...

Unfortunately, the cartoon effects are all to real.