Thursday, September 19, 2013

What narrative?

If a mass shooter had been a registered Romney-votin' Republican cracker driving a Ford Earthf***er with a website registered under the name "Patrick Henry" we would not be hearing the end of it.

Instead, I hear the NBC newscaster in the next room intoning "...and he had a website registered [garble] 'Mohammed Salaam' although he apparently never used it..." and I'm all "Wait! What? Is that 'Mohammed' with two 'M's? Was it the domain name, or on the Whois or what?" but a Google search gets me... crickets*. Hell, this guy still only has two names.

EDIT: Commenter -chaz- points out that great minds... or at least bloggers who live or have lived in the 865... seem to think alike. Sweartagawd I hadn't read that yet.

*Oh, except articles about the DC police chief complaining about the lack of gun control laws. Joe Biden, do you know where your shotgun is?


Anonymous said...

At Unc's yesterday:

"A narrative you won’t see in the press

Mass murderer was a Prius driving Obama fan and liberal. And they shouldn’t push that narrative. Because it’s stupid. However, if the found a F250 with a Palin sticker on the back and one guy who said he saw him at a Tea Party rally once, it’d be all the talking heads were talking about."

Great minds thinking (very) alike, or h/t to Unc?


Boat Guy said...

Thing is, most of these folks HAVE been leftists, least Dhimmicrats (if you want to split hairs).
No point in tryin to alter "The Narrative" though.

Joseph said...

It is almost as if Barry, Pilosi, Reid and Biden are recruiting suicide mass murder shooters to help garner support for gun bans. You would think just by the odds that one of these evil bastards would be enough of a Republican for MSM to go apeshit over, but no, they're pretty much all donkey vote sons of bitches.

I really miss my tin foil lined Wookie suit right now.

Tam said...


"Great minds thinking (very) alike, or h/t to Unc?"

Hadn't read that at Unc's yet, no, but I'd be surprised if anybody who hears that didn't have those thoughts go through their head.

Sabra said...

I was telling the husband last night that my liberal Facebook friends--including the two who beat the Gun Control drum the loudest--have been absolutely silent on this one. Like, 100%. If you read their news feeds you'd think it never happened. No sanctimonious praying, no linking to Piers Morgan, nada. It's eerie.

Divemedic said...

There is mention of it here at NBC News:

Law enforcement officials told NBC News that Alexis created a webpage with the name "Mohammed Salem," but they said he never did anything with it.

Windy Wilson said...

Well, if he never did anything with the website, then it can't be Sudden Jihadi Syndrome, then, can it?

Still dunno what a sarcasm HTML tag would look like.:)

Geodkyt said...

Windy -- No, I think it is pretty much still in the category of, "The dog told me to do it."

global village idiot said...

I just waded through the Sunstein essay. A bit of advice: DON'T BOTHER.

Aside from being profoundly obvious ("Things can be good but they can also be bad" - well NO SHIT!), it is also a textbook example of Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc reasoning. It fails to take economics and the failure of the Weimar Government into account, and simply equates correlation with causation.

It's also self-Godwinning at its finest.

It's 811 words that never needed to be assembled in the order he put them.


Robert Fowler said...

Anonymous global village idiot said...
I just waded through the Sunstein essay. A bit of advice: DON'T BOTHER.

Damn, I wish i had read this before the article. And I agree.

Tam said...

"I just waded through the Sunstein essay. A bit of advice: DON'T BOTHER."

Not everybody gets their chuckles the same way I do, I guess. :)

Boat Guy said...

Sooo, all us inbred bitter-clingers are gonna join the Brownshirts now???
C'est Drole...

Woodman said...

It amazes me that the Sunstein piece he can't make the leap that people who are in organizations tend to join organizations.

This includes people in PETA, the AFL-CIO, and even ELF and Occupy, along with the evil "right wing" bowling and TPA organizations.

Dude even anyone watching the first 10 minutes of Fight Club gets that.

SayUncle said...

And I almost used Earthfucker myself!