Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Day!

Final Push For Kilted To Kick Cancer!

VFTP loves underdogs and heartily supports Teams Atomic Nerds, Guns & Coffee, and McThag, but just go donate to somebody or other in support of this worthy cause.


Evyl Robot Michael said...

Hell, here I thought we were friends.

Tam said...

You're overdogs! :)

Jennifer said...

overdogs! LOL

Jay G said...


Tam said...

Jay G,

I used to sometimes find my dad watching a football game between two teams that I didn't think he cared about.

"Who are you cheering for, dad?"

"The team that's losing."


"Because the team that's winning doesn't need anybody cheering for them."


Evyl Robot Michael said...

Tam, you know I love ya!