Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"You still got tased."

I'm not normally what you'd call a huge fan of indie rockumentaries, so I initially went to see this movie more to show willing than anything else. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that I want it on DVD; it made my inner wookie-suiter happy and all toe-tappy. Also, I can hardly wait for the soundtrack, which I am told will be made available.

Farmer Frank informs us that it is available on Hulu now. Recommend.


Micki Mahoney said...

Noticed "5 Second Films'" Paul Prado and Mike James there on the trailer. Always seems weird when people jump from one of my bookmarks folders to another. Like the internet has described a circle or something.

Tam said...

Micki Mahoney,

Yup. Mike James of 5 Second Films is the son of the gunwriter Frank James here in Indiana, who is linked in my sidebar. :)

Micki Mahoney said...

Yeah, the penny dropped just after I pressed post. :-)

You know, thinking about it, I found 5SF through Brian Firenzi's turn in Video-Games High School. And I found VGHS through Freddie Wong's YouTube channel. And I found Freddie Wong through the "rocket jump" video you posted here a few years ago...

I feel closer to Kevin Bacon just by being here.

Tam said...

"I feel closer to Kevin Bacon just by being here."

Literally LOL'ed! :D