Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Al-Qaeda HR Dept.: "Knock it off with the EEOC compliance!"

"To prevent future acts of jihad from being misinterpreted as hate crimes, all affiliates, associates, and franchisees of The Base are asked to focus their mass casualty attacks and other acts of jihad on majority Anglo Saxon targets, preferably heterosexual ones."
So, I guess stay alert at the State Fair this year? Probably want to keep on your toes at any NPR-sponsored events, too.

That's got to be frustrating for Johnny Jihad: You tell everybody why you're doing something and they just condescendingly pat you on your little brown head and patronizingly inform you why you're really doing it. I thought Progressives were opposed to silencing the narratives of oppressed minorities and all about the self-identification? I guess it's okay to self-identify as anything but an Islamic terrorist.