Wednesday, June 22, 2016

You're Not Helping, Part MCXII...

“Astute Port Authority Police work led to the stoppage of a vehicle on the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel this morning, leading to the arrest of three individuals from the state of Pennsylvania on a variety of charges related to illegal possession of guns and ammunition,” according to a statement from Joe Pentangelo, a Port Authority Police spokesman. “At this time, the investigation is continuing, but the agency does not believe the incident is terrorism-related.”
Seriously, that vehicle looks like the illegitimate offspring of Rob Pincus's PDN tour truck and Grave Digger.

That's, like, whatever the opposite of "Grey Man" is. Chartreuse Man? Plaid Man? 

If this guy were Frodo, he'd have rolled right into Mordor through the front door with a twelve foot neon "THE RING OF POWER IS IN MY LEFT POCKET" sign over his head. It's hard to work up a head of sympathy for this cat. 10/10 for style, but minus several thousand for not thinking things all the way through.