Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Just shooting.

I had a box and most of another one of that CCI Blazer Brass 115gr know, the stuff that won't run the Canik or the Steyr reliably?...and so I took it and my Robar Custom Gen2 Glock 17 to Indy Arms Co. yesterday morning.

Robar-ed Glock with Ameriglo CAP sights, Vickers mag release, and Zev Fulcrum trigger, UpLULA, and Raven Eidolon holster.

Unlike the Canik and the Steyr, the Glock happily chewed through all ninety rounds without a malfunction.

I fat-fingered the target carrier controller and poked in 31 feet instead of the usual seven yards. Despite not being able to distinguish individual 9mm holes at that distance with my sunglasses on (let alone the faint lines around the scoring zones) I decided to go ahead and shoot from 10.33 yards anyway.

On the upside, I seem to be finally getting accustomed to the Zev Trigger in the Glock. Since I was by myself out on the range, I didn't feel bad about breaking the 1-rd/sec speed limit, and the whole reset-during-recoil/"flip and press" is coming a lot easier now.