Tuesday, June 21, 2016

That gunwriter life...

Friday morning I dropped the top on the Zed Drei and headed north to meet up with Mike Grasso and go do some gunwriter stuff at Atlanta Conservation Club. I could tell when I got into Hamilton County by the scenery...

I had a couple of pistols with me that I need to shoot a bunch for an upcoming article.

Along for the ride were a Nighthawk Custom Kestrel in .45ACP, a Commander-size pistol optimized for CCW...

...and a Wilson Combat Tactical Carry Professional in 9mm, a 4" gun also set up as an ideal carry piece.

Mike shooting the Wilson. It has run like a sewing machine from the get-go. Two hundred rounds of the Winchester NATO 9mm so far with nary a bobble to report.

Mike had brought along a custom gun of his own that had just had some work done on it and needed to be put through its paces to make sure everything was still right. It was.

After wrapping up at the range, we stopped off for lunch at Grand Junction Brewing Company in Westfield for lunch. I had a pint of their One With Nature APA with some boneless hot wings.

Since I did not have to use my AK, I am going to pronounce this a good day.