Sunday, June 05, 2016


Meet the Press got bumped out of its normal time slot to 0800 this morning, which meant that it was preempted by the local news program here in Hoosieropolis.

I use Meet the Press to get blogging ideas, keep up with politics, and (importantly) pressure-test my cerebral arteries by yelling at senators on a Sunday morning. How am I supposed to pressure-test arteries watching the French Open?

Despite being a very physical sport to play, televised tennis ranks right up there with golf as a soporific, what with the metronomic whacking of the ball... pock!*grunt*-pock!*grunt*-pock!*grunt*...and the carefully hushed tones cultivated by the announcers, as though they knew that if they got excited about what they were watching, they might wake you up.