Wednesday, June 29, 2016

*spit take*

Well, the impending Trumpocalypse in Cleveland is having interesting repercussions. George Will, a knee forever in search of something to bend at, has announced he's taking his ball and going home, which has mostly drawn a "'Bye, Felicia" from the GOP punditocracy.
Meanwhile guess which magazine this is from:
"Once again American politics is threatening to become a competition between rival factions of statists, eager to use the government to reward themselves and punish their enemies, with “enemy” defined as anyone who doesn’t agree with them."
If you said Reason, you could be forgiven the assumption, but no, that's Jonah Goldberg trying on a wookie suit at National Review Online. While reading it, I had to keep glancing up at my browser's address bar to convince myself I was really reading Metrocon Fortnightly and not Wookie Suiter Monthly. It's a disgruntled twelve-paragraph ode to Mencken and Nock that stops just short of Goldberg unbuttoning his oxford to reveal a Rand Paul t-shirt.