Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Grind...

Took the Gen 3 Glock 32 to Indy Arms Company on Wednesday along with a hundred rounds of Remington 125gr .357SIG. (Lucky Gunner had had a special on 500rd cases for $199, which is about as cheap as domestic .357SIG gets these days, so I ordered one.)

The first fifty were slow-fire in the upper group, and then the other box was fired at the lower zone (which is a little high to be ideal; I was going for "a line between the armpits") as briskly as I thought I could do it without getting in trouble.

It wasn't until after I took the picture that I noticed that the aftermarket guide rod was protruding from the front of the gun. More on that later.

The gun went through the complete cycle of operation each time.

This makes it 1330 total rounds fired since the firearm was last cleaned or lubricated, with four failures to go completely into battery (#63, #78, #126, #748), four failures to feed (#221, #224, #282, #734), and one failure to eject (#1,033). 670 rounds left to go.