Friday, June 03, 2016

Overheard at the Restaurant...

Bobbi, who didn't have to go work on starship engines until later than usual, treated me to brunch at Good Morning Mama's this morning.

While we were there I read on Marko's blog that there was an actual official Frontlines novels fan club that had formed on Facebook. I joined, just to get in on the ground floor...

Conversation at the table meandered around various topics of a bookish bent, and at some point, while looking at my Facebook screen, I muttered "I've never been Tuckerized."

The air grew chill...
RX: "That hurt."

Me: "I mean, present company exc... I mean, well, you had to Tuckerize me! You Tuckerized my cat!"

RX: "And she's a more interesting character than you!"