Thursday, June 09, 2016

More shooting...

I had one box left of that 115gr Blazer Brass. I also had half a box of Fiocchi 115gr ammo that, unusually for Fiocchi, had been extremely under-powered. I'd used it testing the Ruger 9E, where it had turned in an average velocity of 1035fps, with some rounds not even breaking the 1000fps velocity mark. That caused this in the Ruger:

Now, my Glock 17 is old, at least as Glocks go, with a serial number that dates it to 1992, but the recoil spring assembly is fresh, having been prophylactically replaced...*checks logbook*...428 rounds ago.

It's been running fine with the Blazer Brass, but how would it deal with this dregs of this defective lot of Fiocchi? (And I do mean defective. The velocity spread between the fastest and slowest rounds in a ten shot string was a full hundred and five feet per second.)

I ran the target out to seven yards and did a bunch of single shots and fast three- and four-shot strings from low ready with the Blazer Brass, before sending it out to fifteen yards to shoot at the upper A-zone with the Fiocchi.

The Fiocchi ran the gun fine. I wish the same could be said of me, but it was hard to make out the head box at 45 feet. I probably would have done better on a traditional bullseye, or even a free-standing USPSA target.

The CAP sights are such an improvement over the factory Glock sights, especially for shooting fast.