Sunday, June 19, 2016

Overheard in the Office...

Me: *chuckling* "Oh, man, look at this..."

RX: "..."

Me: "The name. On the back of his jersey. 'Hu'."

RX: "..."

Me: "Hu's on first."

RX: "How can you tell it's first?"

Me: "What? Because you just can! Look, there's the foul line and then the base path curves away, it can't be third; it would be a total mirror image..."

RX: "How do you know it's not second?"

Me: "Because there aren't any foul lines near second, it's just by itself in the middle of some dirt and...You know this could have gotten you shot as a German infiltrator during the Battle of the Bulge?"

RX: "What would I have been doing at the Battle of the Bulge?"

Me: "Getting shot as a German infiltrator."