Sunday, January 22, 2017

Home at last.

Now to get all the pics off both cameras and the cell phone into a "SHOT 2017" folder, and do that thing I was going to do at the airport yesterday.

Namely, I have a couple pages of scrawled notes, reminders really, just the name of a product or a random thought I had. I also have a page with three column headers to divvy those up into, which I totally meant to do while I loitered away almost ten hours in the Las Vegas airport yesterday. Those ten hours were mostly, however, spent in Facebook, sleep deprivation, and beer.

The three hours coming back east were brutal. I'm glad I don't do that often. My day started at 0545 PST yesterday on about five hours of sleep, and ended at about 0600 EST, having dozed maybe thirty minutes on the flight from LAX to IND.

I flopped down on the bed in Roomie's bedroom while the local news was on, intending to stay up long enough to watch Meet the Press. I have dim memories of waking up fully clothed atop the covers, and then waking up again in the last half of MtP, somehow having gotten myself into sweats and a t-shirt and burrowed under the covers.

So, like I was saying, I've a metric ton of emails to answer or write, and photos and notes to organize and divvy up, but all that is going to have to wait until tomorrow. Plus there are deadlines looming in the near distance, but I'm not even going to think about that until after a good night's sleep.

I'm going to try to play some World of Warcraft and do some laundry or something to keep me awake until 10:00PM or so, when I imagine I will then sleep the sleep of the just.