Thursday, January 05, 2017

Almost done...

I'm not across the finish line with this thing quite yet, but I can see it from here. I loaded up another hundred rounds of TulAmmo into factory mags yesterday morning and headed to Indy Arms Co. with the intention of trying the new sights at a few distances.

The CAPs are fast up close with the fat, brightly colored front sight, but are quicker to align and more precise for fine work than the dated XS Big Dot sights (now called "DX" sights, apparently) are.

The inherent problems with this sort of sight start to show up as the range increases. By fifteen yards, they pretty much cover an 8" bull and you're left hoping that you've got the dot right over the 2" center. This is why my lousy trigger control is so magnified on that bottom right target. (And why I was okay with my scores on the Rangemaster bullseye course; 25-yd work on a B-8 with a fat front sight like this has a bit of guesswork baked in.)

For now, they are a good balance of what I need in a sight, but I'm interested in both the thinner version ("TCAPS") or the long-rumored thin Trijicon HD sights about to debut at SHOT.

There were no malfunctions of any type to report.

That makes 1,866 rounds through the Gen4 19 since it was cleaned or lubricated with two failures-to-fire (#205, #1,290), two failures-to-extract (#1,367, #1,447), one failure-to-eject (#1,505), and four failures-to-feed (#814, #864*, #1,681, #1,741). 134 rounds to go.