Monday, January 02, 2017

Oh, get over yourselves!

Jesus Christ, they're already LARP'ing V for Vendetta:

This is exactly the mirror image of when the flakier parts of the Right side of the political spectrum ran off and bought 3br/1.5ba bunkers in the Rockies to await the end of the world back in January '09. Except to read about that, you had to go to or other nut-fudge fringe sites.

This, however, isn't a loony fringe political 'zine being passed out at a campus drum circle. This is an editorial at CN-frickin'-N, and the writer just assumes that by the virtue of you reading it, you're obviously a fellow bien pensant wondering what the best way is to resist the forthcoming inauguration of Literally Hitler.

At least it was easier to take the right wing kooks seriously when they were frothing about resisting the incoming administration. After all, they had Chinese semiautomatic rifles and surplus body armor. These new anti-establishment guerrillas, on the other hand, only have painfully inoffensive jokes and sex toys.