Friday, January 20, 2017


Two days of walking on the show floor.

Yesterday I carried crutches along with me, sort of as a prophylaxis against needing them and sort of as a lifeboat.

I was wearing the knee brace but I figured that if my knee started twinging out in the middle of the show floor someplace, I could crutch my way to the nearest bench or chair and then pop smoke and call for extract by electric scooter.

As it turned out, this wasn't necessary. Emboldened by the way my leg felt this morning, I dispensed with the crutches and just went with the knee brace. The leg is still fine despite having walked 2.2 miles on it today according to my watch.

My gait's back to normal and I have to fight to not favor my left knee instead, which is still sporting a truly amazing bruise, plus the wear and tear of doing all the work Sunday night through yesterday morning.

I think I'll pull through, but I promise that the first hint of recurring difficulty will send me scurrying to an orthopedic doc.