Monday, January 16, 2017

Sig Sauer VIP Range Day pics, part 1...

I finally got to put a few rounds through the new US-manufactured Sig Sauer P210 on the range yesterday afternoon.

Obviously a little bit of familiarization is not any kind of thing to base judgments on (at least if you're smart) but I'm cautiously optimistic. It has that same heft and a slide that ran like it was on greased roller bearings...
The trigger was classic target pistol. Probably slightly under three pounds and went from "Applying pressure" to "Making loud noise" with not much in the way of a perceptible transition between the two states. It would definitely take more than a couple magazines of ammunition to really get the feel for it.

I would love to put a couple cases through one of these at some point. Between being built on the right side of any tariff walls, CNC machining, and using MIM fabrication where they could, the price point looks to be in the middlin' decent 1911 range. Given that the 210 is a pistol design from the same broad generation of pistols (in other words, before stampings, castings, and polymer injection molding) there's a lower limit to the price point you can build this sort of gun to and still get a gun that functions like you want in the accuracy and reliability departments.

Purists will howl, like they do about current S&W revolvers or any gun, really, that wasn't built of parts lovingly hand-carved in a workshop in a hollow tree by forest elves, but the proof will be in the shooting.