Saturday, January 21, 2017

Travel Day

Getting ready to go spend most of a day hanging out in an overpriced mall before boarding a germ tube to IND via LAX.

I got pretty good grades in Geography, and I am as close to positive as makes no nevermind that LAX is not between LAS and IND unless you are going the long way 'round.

(Yes, I know how the whole hub and spoke thing works, and I selected this particular flight from a host of other based on price and the ability to make geography jokes on my blog.)

I'll be able to find a nook in an airport bar or restaurant, plug in the laptop, and sort out my SHOT notes and figure out what I'm going to write about for which outlet. I might even get some writing done.

Once I'm through TSA, I'm really at peace with the whole air travel scenario. If I'm traveling solo, the crowds at the airport really don't bother me as much as they normally would because I don't have to interact with them. I just bump gently along through the system of locks and sluices, carried along by the current of the airlines' timetable, until I'm eventually poured out the other side and into a cab.

Or, in this case, an Uber. I have finally downloaded the Uber app and, man, why wasn't I using this earlier? I could even see using it at home if I wanted to spend a day downtown and didn't want to bother with parking or the bicycle.