Thursday, January 05, 2017


Roads are slick and a thin dusting of snow continues to filter out of the sky. It's supposed to pick up again later this afternoon, too, although the weatherdude was saying only 1"-2" accumulation here on the near north side of town.

Getting the Zed Drei to and from Indy Arms Co. was an adventure this morning. 54th wasn't bad and neither was Keystone, although the traction control lit off even feathering it away from stop signs and traffic lights.

Pretty much stuck in the house. Bought plane tickets to SHOT the other day, so it's not like I can afford to go anywhere anyway until some more paychecks show up in the Hollow Empty Metal Box of Crushing Disappointment bolted to the front of the house. I thought it was supposed to be cheap to fly to Vegas?

Maybe I'll clean guns...