Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Back to work...

A holiday weekend with no trigger-pulling other than a bunch of dry-fire came to an end on Monday with another range trip to Indy Arms Co. with the Glock 19 Gen4.

I normally use ranges on weekday mornings so I have them to myself, and thus I forgot that yesterday was New Year's Day (Observed) and the joint was jumping with the great unwashed (and untrained) out to do some blasting on their quarterly group range outing.

There was actually a wait for a lane, during which I went out and helped some folks who were having issues with the rental Glock 42 malfunctioning. I was wearing one of my gun burkhas with the Indy Arms logo stitched over the pocket, so at least they didn't think I was just J. Random Customer when I gave them a little two-minute briefing on how recoil-operated guns function and why a firm grip is important.

And then someone came off lane five, freeing it up so I could run out and get my day's blasting done before I broke out in introvert hives.

 Another hundred rounds of TulAmmo were expended. I didn't do anything on the timer or anything, just ran the target out to five and then seven yards to check sight alignment. It looked like I'd gotten the front sight on there crooked; it appeared that the rear of the sight was kicked slightly over to the right...

Yup. I'd be headed home to pull the front sight, clean off the Loctite as best I could, and then re-install it.

There were no malfunctions of any kind to report.

That makes 1,666 rounds through the Gen4 19 since it was cleaned or lubricated with two failures-to-fire (#205, #1,290), two failures-to-extract (#1,367, #1,447), one failure-to-eject (#1,505), and two failures-to-feed (#814, #864*). 334 rounds to go.