Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Ain't that just the way it is?

Coming back from CanCon 2022 my travel day was kind of a mess. My flight didn't depart from Savannah until 7:42 in the evening, arrived in Atlanta at, like, 8:30 or so,  and then I had a little over an hour and a half's layover* before boarding a Delta 757 departing for IND at 10:50 and landing there in Hoosieropolis after midnight.

Since I was pretty much on rails for the duration of the trip, just being shuttled back and forth between the hotel and the range, I had decided to see how normal people fly and didn't check a bag. (No, I didn't carry a gun, which felt weird, but what felt even weirder was having to open the packaging on a new SD card without a pocket knife. I gave up and handed it to someone who had one.)

The Delta app had offered me the chance to upgrade the final leg of my return flight for a price low enough that I could recoup most of it by checking my Maxpedition Fliegerduffel and ordering a couple gin & tonics while airborne, so I decided not having to schlep both my suitcase and my camera bag through the airport and decided to go with it.

Of course this means that there was enough turbulence between ATL and IND last night that the flight attendants had to stay strapped in for the whole flight and there wasn't any beverage service.

So it goes.

At least I was tired enough to doze through most of it and had a roomy seat in which to do so.

*Well, by the strict arrival and departure times, it was a two hour's layover, but when you consider we de-planed at gate B9 and then I had to make my way two terminals over to gate T1, and my flight boarded at 10:13 for a 10:50 departure, that left me approximately an actual hour and a half to kill just sitting down. Further, Hartsfield may be the world's busiest airport, but they pretty much roll up the sidewalks sometime around 8PM, and the only place open on T concourse was TGI Friday's, which meant it had a line waiting to get in. Ugh.