Thursday, November 24, 2022

Better than Expected

So it was April of 2016 that I picked up that Apple Watch on a trip to New Hamster. It was the least expensive model, an original First Generation that was, at the time, only about five months away from being discontinued and replaced with the new "Series 1" second generation watches.

It's soldiered on ever since, despite being completely unsupported since September of 2018. I was getting a full day's use still on the battery, and just throwing it on the charger for about an hour every morning.

As it got longer in the tooth, it would occasionally get that weird fault where the battery would drain unexpectedly quickly, but doing a forced reset would fix things. It wasn't much of a problem since it only happened once in a blue moon, maybe a couple-three times a year.

Here lately it started doing that and no matter how many times I gave it a forced reset, nothing seemed to fix the drain.

Oh, well. Six and a half years is a really good run. It outlasted the iPhone 6S that I got at the same time and then the 7 Plus that replaced it. It was on its third phone when it finally went wonky.

I hope I get as good a run out of this Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation that I got to replace it. It was on sale, so...